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Frisbee on Batman’s Front Lawn

I knew our plan on Thursday was to go to a park to throw the Frisbee around, but it wasn’t until we were on our way that I realized we were headed Wollaton Park. In this park you’ll find Wollaton Hall which just so happens to be the home Batman lives in throughout the movies! Not only have a seen the movies, but they are amongst some of my all-time favorites!! IMG_2779

Myself, Sean, and his sister Cassie took a bus to the entrance of the park. To enter the park by foot you have to carefully walk across a metal grated driveway. This was to keep the deer in the park so they couldn’t roam throughout Nottingham. I have to say that to cross it, was no walk in the park. But it’s a clever idea and seemly works really well.

Wollaton Park is a massive 500 acres and is surrounded by the city of Nottingham so you can understand the importance of keeping the wildlife within the large estate. Of course this did mean that while we were playing Frisbee we had to keep a close eye on the ground so we wouldn’t stumble into deer poop. While we were playing a large deer actually ran right through our game. IMG_2899

In the center of the park located up on a hill was Wollaton Hall. Built in 1580 for Sir Francis Willoughby you can imagine the history this residence has seen. The Willoughby’s are known for being avid explorers. Notably, Sir Hugh Willoughby died in the Arctic attempting a North East passage. The home is currently being use as a Natural History Museum and features animals from all walks of life. If you are into, biology, hunting, or taxidermy you might want to consider a trip to this place. For me, it was a combination of sorrow and awesomeness. I couldn’t help but feel bad that in order for these animals to be featured as they were they had to die, but at the same time I was thankful because of how amazing it was to see and learn about so many different animals. The museum really did a great job presenting such a diverse group of animals.

After spending some time walking throughout the museum, aka Batmans House, we took a stroll around the rest of the park. The place was really quite beautiful and made for a really enjoyable afternoon. On the way to the bus stop we came across a few small frogs. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such small frogs! I thought Cassie may take one home with her. IMG_2780

For dinner we ate a Nandos, a restaurant whose specialty is chicken. Sean described it as a step up from KFC but I think it’s safe to say that it’s several steps above that. In fact you really ought to consider taking a lift to get there as this place was really that much better. Because Sean works for the NHS we received a discount on the entire meal which consisted of two types of prepared chicken, chips, peas, rice, and garlic bread! Oh how I love food! Maybe I should figure out a way to just travel throughout the world eating my way through new cities! Lucky for me, there is a Nandos in South Africa too haha.

In the evening Sean and I went to the local pub, same one as the first night, and met up with a few more of his friends. We shared some stories, had a few drinks before heading back to Sean’s home for a relatively early night. I think we watch the travel documentary 180 degrees and were in bed before 3am. Early night…