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Rain Holds the Kids Off

Dan and I got to sleep in a little on Sunday because it was raining when we woke up. When it rains it holds the kids off from coming by to wake us up. Another thing about the rain is how loud it sounds. With a tin roof over head the simplest of rains sounds like a monsoon is outside.

The rain finally quit around 10 and just moments later we had our first knock at our door. Chester, of course, was the first to arrive and he was wet, meaning that he couldn’t even wait for the rain to die down before making his way over.

Once we were up we were set to get caught up on our writing. A few more kids came over before noon so Dan and I took shifts eating our brunch. I definitely like having a tag-team partner.

Because it wasn’t the nicest day, and we had just spent the day before playing sports, we decided to take the kids to the movies. The other 5 volunteers were interested in coming along as well but had to do a bit of shopping before. The movie we decided on was Turbo, and the start time was 4:45pm. Around 3pm Dan and I began the walk into town with 7 kids. We wanted to get in early because Dan and I still hadn’t eaten lunch and wanted to grab a bite before the movie. After meeting up with the other volunteers we traded off the kids while we went to find lunch. In return we took the kids back off their hands so that they could eat as well.IMG_0181

We took the kids to the park where we played some games and got everyone running around. The grass was a little wet which meant for a few wet children, and one wet Mieke, but we were able to pass the time well.

With 7 adults and 7 children we each buddied up and entered the theater. I thought the movie was pretty good and the kids all seemed to really enjoy it. I was also surprised at all the big name actors that played roles. How did they get Samuel L. Jackson to play a voice?

When the movie was over we all made the walk home. The youngest of the bunch was Onge, Mawande’s little brother. I was very impressed by him. For being just 7 years old he made the walk all the way in and all the way back out of the city with no complaints. He even would come and find me before crossing major roads so he could hold my hand. All the kids really behaved well and each one was sure to thank the person who bought them their ticket.


Khanisye, Mawande, and Lupo

We got home just in time for dinner and a few of the kids stayed back in our room. Most of them were hungry themselves and had to get home to their own families. Sunday was a great end to a nice long weekend!