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A Kick @$$ Day With Robin Hood

Wednesday started with a trip to the Sherwood Forrest. It is here where Robin Hood and his bandits would meet. Deep in the woods is an oak tree that is said to be over 1,000 years old. The tree is so old that it actually has a few support beams to help hold the branches up. Nonetheless, I thought the tree was impressive. Not only was it enormous all the way around, but it’s been around for so long! Just imagine if the tree could talk and all the stories it would tell. IMG_2721

I should mention that before touring around the ground, Sean and Koren each purchased small wooden bow’s with little arrows fashioned with suction cups. This probably goes without being said, but we battled the better part of the day with those arrows. Luckily for all of us they weren’t the most efficient combat tools and we quickly found that you’re actually safest from an oncoming arrow if you just stood still. Honestly, they traveled slow enough that you could just catch them out of the air.IMG_2730

Sean and Koren both opted for an archery lesson, which provided them with a much sturdier bow and 6 arrows.

These of course were not for playing around, but they did have targets set up for them. If I learned one thing when shooting an arrow, it was to keep your arms up.

Our next stop on the day was Rufford Manor. Rufford’s enjoyments include a large wood and 150 acres of parkland, a children’s play area, formal gardens, an arboretum and sculpture garden. Years ago, this place was home to monks. The estate was a bit in ruins, but there were still showcases that teach of their times. We made sure to grab a picture with our favorite monk before heading back home. IMG_2748

We ate dinner that night at a place called Sherwood Manor. There were deals that allowed us to get a burger, chips, and a drink for 5 pounds so we seized the opportunity for a cheap bite. There was, however, a dessert that caught our eye. It was one of those cake showcases and it’s featured item was this multi layered chocolate cake. We decided that we were going to have to split a piece and it was probably one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Not only was this cake incredibly delicious, but it also filled all three of us to capacity. Good luck to the person who tries to take that slice on independently. IMG_2750

Wednesdays in the UK mean discounted tickets to the cinema if you are a member of the orange network, a mobile phone provider. Koren is an orange member so the three of us went into town and saw the movie, “Kick Ass 2.” This action comedy is about a group of teenage, self-proclaimed super heroes who fight crime. I hadn’t seen the first one, but both Koren and Sean are fans. Actually, the theater was completely packed to see this movie. I don’t recall this movie being very popular back in the states, but I suppose everyone has their movie preferences.