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The Bridge Over the Cam

After a very late night we woke up and started our Tuesday around 7. This was a bit rough but it was necessary as we had a lot to see today. The first thing we had to do was drive to Guildford to the school Koren is a teacher at. She needed to print out her thesis which she’d be handing in today in Cambridge.

Koren works as a Math teacher at Royal Grammar school which is an elite boy’s school. IMG_2931The school specializes in math and science and goes from year 7 to year 13 which equates to the ages 11 to 18. Walking about the school I can tell you that it was an extremely fine school. It was however quite early and Sean and I were coming off a long Monday, so while Koren was printing what she needed we used the time to relax in the teachers’ lounge. I napped. I tried to nap on the way to the school but the roads were a bit too windy for me.

IMG_2959Our next destination would be Cambridge which would mean more highways and better quality sleep. After another couple hours in the car I woke up feeling much better!

My first reaction to Cambridge was how incredibly beautiful it was. The buildings were so old and so architecturally appealing. We spent the entire day walking about the city.

The first place we went was the Facility of Education where Koren turned in her thesis. She is now a Master of Education! Yay Koren! I’m happy I could be a part of your celebratory day!! Afterwards we ate ice cream 🙂IMG_2953

We decided the best way to celebrate would be to go punting down the Cam. Punting is similar to a gondola where everyone sits in the boat and the person in the back stands and propels you through the water by dropping the punting staff into the water and then pushing off the bottom so as to move the boat forward. IMG_2956This was much easier said than done, but after going back and forth, crashing into a few other boats and the canal walls, I finally started to get it. We had the option to hire someone to take us around but with Koren’s awesome student (no longer a student as of this day) discounts we decided to just do it ourselves! It was a very enjoyable time and we had a few drinks along the way to celebrate. We started at Trinity College, the college Steven Hawking attended and is now a fellow, and traveled down as far as the famous IMG_2939mathematical bridge. This bridge receives its name because the beams that hold it together are all at a tangent to the ark which means that it is self-supporting and you won’t find any nuts or bolts holding it together. Before all was said and done we all had the chance to try punting down the Cam. None of us were really that great at it.

The next stop of our Koren guided tour was St. John’s College. Because we were with Koren we were granted access inside the walls of this college. This isn’t something generally granted to tourists so it was extra special that we could walk through. In addition to that, the places tourists were allowed, we didn’t have to pay. We took our time walking through the gigantic buildings and admired the surrounded cathedrals. Everything about these colleges were excellent and prestige. The grounds were perfect, and the buildings were immaculate. IMG_2962

IMG_2965On the way back to the car we checked out the Corpus Christi College and famous clock. We also saw Kings College which had another enormous cathedral. IMG_2967

After the lengthy drive home we made and ate some yummy fajitas, played a game of spades and watched the 5th Harry Potter. Koren’s boyfriend Fraser arrived back home just in time for dinner and spades. On Wednesday we’d all be traveling into London which would surely prove to be  yet another full day of traveling. IMG_2992