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Who Says Mondays Can’t Be Awesome!?

Monday began as a productive day for me. I decided a while ago that I IMG_6998was going to make dinner for everyone on the upcoming Wednesday and I wanted to buy the groceries a couple days in advance. I also wanted to print out a few pictures to give to the Zulus before I left and I figured this would be the ideal time to take care of it.

As I was looking through my pictures I included a number of additional pictures that held great memories that I decided I wanted to give to some of the other volunteers. I still may print out a few more before I depart but for now the small amount I have will have to do the trick. On my last trip I was sure to print some pictures for the Zulus and I was happy to keep the tradition going. I think know I’m going to have to come back in another couple years and see everyone again!

IMG_6997After placing my order to get the pictures printed I grabbed some lunch at the Mug & Bean. I wanted to eat something filling since I knew I’d be missing dinner in the evening for a Frisbee game. I ate the Alabama Slammer which was a very hardy chicken sandwich. Since this place also offered free Wi-Fi I was able to get caught up on all the snap chats I haven’t been able to look through. There were 37 in total and they were all awesomely hilarious. There’s no way I’d have the time or memory to respond to all of them but I really did love them! Thanks everyone!

When my 30 minutes ran out I went next door to complete my shopping list. My plan was to buy enough ingredients to feed an army. I bought all the fillings for chicken fajitas and I hope it’s enough. At this stage in my travels I’m no longer in the green and had to borrow money from my dear father to help me make it through the rest of my trip. I probably spent too much buying the food for Wednesday’s dinner but I really want to finish my trip by doing something special for everyone. I’m hoping to have the Zulus, the volunteers, the kids, and Songo all over for the dinner and I’m concerned there won’t be enough food. It’s the thought that counts though and I just hope I don’t screw anything up. Wish me luck, I’ve never made food for that many people… even if it is something as simple as fajitas. Anyways, I appreciate the support Dad and I can’t wait to see you on Friday. I should be landing into Philly around 3:10. If anyone reads this that knows my dad, please remind him to bring me a winter jacket as I am not prepared for a climate change!

After getting the massive amount of groceries, I picked up the pictures, and made my way back to the mini buses to get back to Kayamandi. It’s always a bit tricky getting home when you have bags and bags of groceries but I was lucky enough to steal a front seat and didn’t have to worry about pushing passed anyone.

For the next couple hours I hung out with a few of the kids that were over IMG_7028and tried to get caught up on my writing. It’s harder than you think keeping an up to date blog when you’re traveling and trying to do a lot. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day for the list of things I always have to do.

Just after 5:30 Corne swung by to pick me up to take me to Frisbee. On Mondays Frisbee is hosted in Cape Town and four teams meet up to play. There is a red team, green team, yellow team, and blue team. I coincidentally brought a blue shirt but was told to warm up with the red team. After doing a run and stretching I was told the put on a yellow shirt and join their team. I had to borrow a shirt from someone but I made my way over and threw around with the yellow team just before the games began. Around this time I was traded to the green team and had to again borrow another jersey. I didn’t know that many people but IIMG_7029 knew a few on each team. The green team was captained by Johnno, a complete all-star of a player that I’ve only ever played against. It was awesome playing with him but a bit of a mistake putting me on the same team as him. Our team went up 9-2 to take half and continued on to a victorious finish. I’m not sure what the final score was but both teams were having a lot of fun. We played well past our hard cap and the other teams were already finished. Our motto was, “Just one more point!” Corne played for the opposing team and was easily the best player they had. He told me after the game thatIMG_7027 their team had voted me the MVP of the game. It’s good to play ultimate and even better to play with two healthy legs. Tonight was all about playing one last time with some great people before I’d have head back home. Thanks so much for the great times everyone! Sandra, I’m sorry you couldn’t play and I hope your leg heals quickly! On the way back to Kayamandi Corne presented me with a brand new Cape Town Ultimate disc. This is the Ultimate gesture and I’m thrilled to have been able to become friends with such amazing people. Thanks for everything guys, I’ll see you around!

By the time I got home it was nearing 10 and I was starving. I scarfed down my dinner, took a shower, and tried my best to stay up with the rest of the volunteers but I was just too exhausted.

IMG_6971November 4 will always be a day I’ll remember and it’s great to fill it with incredible memories. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Love and miss you Mom ❤IMG_7039