Reaching Out 2 The World

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A Day With English Family

Sunday was meant to be a lazy day. Nothing really planned but some much needed laundry. Of course things changed and we went with the flow! Sean and I were invited for tea with Jenny and Frank. Jenny and Frank live in a high rise located in the center of a park. The building is a sheltered accommodation where residents live and look after themselves. Jenny used to manage the building but has since retired from that position and now lives there. IMG_2897

These two truly are two of the most interesting people I’ve ever met. Both very successful and very well-traveled as they’ve been to over 70 countries and counting! Sean refers to them as his grandparents and after a day’s visit I’d say I’ve also adopted myself my very own English grandparents.IMG_2896

Throughout their travels they have generously reached out to many individuals. Having no children of their own they have done their part to help out hundreds if not thousands of others. For the past 10 years they have been traveling to Tunisia to help support an orphanage. They travel there off and on for 6 months at a time! In some regards, the world is their family! It was truly a pleasure to meet them and they couldn’t have been more welcoming of me into their home. I look forward to the next time we can meet Jenny and Frank! IMG_2900

Afterwards we headed back to Sean’s were it was finally time to get some much needed laundry done. In the mean time we watched the fourth Harry Potter. To my delight Bev, Sean’s mum, had prepared a delicious spread of food as well as a BBQ.  IMG_2901

The night turned into a highly enjoyable family night and concluded with me teaching the rest of the family how to play Catan. I sat out as Bev and her boyfriend Colin teamed up against Sean, Jason, and Cassie. It was a very entertaining game to watch the family battle towards victory. If anyone is reading these blogs and is still unsure what Catan is, it’s basically the best board game ever. Take the best parts of Monopoly, and Risk, lose all the parts you hate about those games and add a bit of ever-changing strategy and you’ll have Catan. Look it up and buy it, it’s that good and you’ll thank me later. IMG_2904