Reaching Out 2 The World

A Journey Through the Atlas Mountains

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We woke up around 6:30am so that we could be ready for our 7am pick up. Today we’d be joining a group of travelers on a 3 day 2 night dessert safari. Even though Marrakech is one of the main destinations to begin a trip like this, it still involves a LOT of driving. I definitely didn’t fully grasped how much driving it would be until our journey began.

About quarter after 7 we got at knock at our riad and were greeted by two IMG_6169gentlemen looking to take us to our transport. We followed them through the alleyways to the market square, which was looking completely different with all the shops closed up and no people around. As we rounded the last corner we saw a few large white vans parked in a semicircle and there were loads of travelers outside of them. I think each van was pretty much on route for the same course only some were taking as many as 4 days and some were just taking 2.

We joined the group that was on the 3 day track and were just about the last ones to board. There were 4 rows of seats in our van and the back row was still available. Once we were in and situated we were joined by one last couple before we started our trip. At this point there were 2 German girls in the front, 3 Brazilians in the first row, 1 Brazilian and a French couple in the secondIMG_6186 row, 3 more Brazilians in the third row, and myself and Dan with the backseat to ourselves. As you can imagine Dan and I took full advantage of our 4 seats and immediately went about falling back asleep.

The roads were windy and the IMG_6187driving in Morocco is a bit crazy but like the rest of our van, I was also able to fall back asleep. Not long after drifting off did I notice our van pull over for an unexpected stop. I wasn’t really aware of what the first day of traveling consisted of but apparently this was just the first of many scenic stops.

IMG_6190The Atlas Mountains run 1,600 miles across the north western part of Africa, from Tunisia through Morocco. These mountains separate the African Coastline from the Sahara Desert, so our first day of traveling was meant to travel through the Tishka Pass.

I’ve never been on a mountain and not loved the view. There’s just something about viewing the world from such heights. In the winter some of these peaks can even have snow on them, but it was still far too hot for that.

Just before lunch time we pulled up IMG_6224to Ait Benhaddou, an old fortified city. The city was built out of mud straw, and rock on a hill. We walked around the city for an hour or so learning about its history and inhabitants. These days only 8 families remain in the city and with each rainstorm the buildings take on more and more damage. An interesting fact about this city was that many popular movies have been filmed here. The Mummy, Gladiator, the Prince of Persia, and even the Game of IMG_6216Thrones were all filmed at this location, to just name a few. I got the sense that our tour guide was very proud of his village’s fame. He even mentioned to us that he’s been in a few of the movies as an extra!

After lunch we all boarded the van and continued our drive east. At one point we stopped for refreshments and to use the bathroom and were joined by 2 additional travelers. A couple from Spain would be joining us for the next part of the trip and we suddenly had a very packed van. The back seat went from being the most spacious to the most cramped which meant there wouldn’t be any more sleeping for the rest of the day’s travels. Luckily we were only a few short stops away from reaching our destination where we’d spend the evening at a hotel.DSC_5465

Before reaching the hotel we made a scenic stop along the road to watch the sunIMG_6391 set off in the distance. The colors reflecting off the wind eroded rocks were painted in magnificent shades of red. Most of our stops were to just stretch our legs, take some photos, and then hop back in the van but I could have easily spent more time admiring the beauty of the Atlas Mountains.

IMG_6273Day 1 got us halfway to the Sahara and shared with us some hidden Moroccan beauty. To top off the evening I utilized the hotels Wi-Fi for a video chat with my dear friend Patrick McMullen. Anyone that gets to end their night video chatting with this legend will undoubtedly consider their day a massive success!IMG_6389


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