Reaching Out 2 The World

So Much to do, So Little Time

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There was only one plan for Sunday and that was Mzolis. Mzolis is an outdoor braai (barbeque) located in the township of Kayalitsha. This place is well known as being the place to be on Sundays. The music is great, the vibe is fun, and the food is incredible!

Mieke, Hanneke, Dan and I all caught a cab to the township just before noon.IMG_5141 When we got there the place seemed packed! There were cars and people everywhere! Most places close down on Sundays so if you’re looking for a fun place to eat, IMG_5142this is your spot! The first thing you do when you arrive is head to the butchery to pick out the meat your group is interested in. We picked out a few steaks and a lengthy amount of sausage. After placing your order, your next task is finding a place to sit. There were so many people that we ended up having to share a table with another group.

While we waited for our food Dan and I went next door to grab some drinks. We grabbed red wine and coke, but had no glasses. Lucky for us they were also selling custom glasses out front. The glasses were created by using recycled beer and liquor bottles. I thought these were super cool IMG_5144but definitely not realistic for taking home. All the meat, the glasses, and the wine cost us 110 rand each. That’s a total of 11 USD and I can promise you we got our money’s worth of food and drink. Dan shared with us how good red wine and coke taste mixed together. I liked this but probably wouldn’t do it with expensive red wine.

IMG_5143Our afternoon was certainly fun filled and I think we all had a really great time. Like I said before, this place was very crowded and unfortunately I let my guard down at just the wrong time. Our table was located near the exit so there was a constant flow of people walking past our table. At some point while I was standing up a group of people passed by me. It was during this time that I was pick-pocketed. I remember feeling something and quickly reaching down to my pocket, but it was already too late. I felt my wallet, I felt my keys and in my other pocket I felt my iphone. It took me a second to realize that I was missing my South African cellphone. My feelings were pretty mixed after this took place. IMG_5146I was bummed that I no longer had my SA cellphone but thrilled that they didn’t take my wallet or iphone. I would have been pretty devastated had either of the latter been taken. I have a week left in SA before departing on a trip to Dubai and Morocco, so I’m not too concerned about not having the phone. It’s a small inconvenience and if anyone needs to reach me they know they can contact Dan. Honestly, the part that I felt the worst about was that I was planning on leaving that phone with Mawande. It’s just the most basic phone you can have but it’s still a phone, and I had told him I was planning on leaving it with him. Mawande is one of my favorites over here, he’s always the most helpful, always uses his manners, and is a joy to be around. Bottom line is that he’s a really great kid and I’m sorry I’m going have to let him down.

Not long after losing my phone our cab arrived to take us home. I had a fun time at Mzolis despite losing my phone. I later described to Dan how it was a “One and Done” kind of experience for me. Great times were had, but I won’t need a day like Mzolis anytime soon.


The start of the new week meant Dan and I had to get down to business. We need to hold up our end of the bargain which means we have some incentives to fulfill. This meant that we needed to run a few errands in Stellenbosch.

I tried using the internet café as a means for delivering the video I put together depicting a day in Lupho’s life. It’s becoming clear to me that there is no realistic way that I’ll be sending that video while in SA. Maybe next week while in Dubai I’ll have a better opportunity to send the video. I’m doing my best friends.

Among other things we mailed out more postcards and purchased more postcards. I think when all is said and done the number of postcards sent will be rounding close to 100! I hope everyone else enjoys receiving these postcards as much as I know I would. Just a reminder to share your card with the world by hashtagging it #ReachingOut2TheWorld when you get it. This can be done on Instagram, Twitter, maybe Facebook, who knows… I’m hoping that I’ll be able to check all these cards out again sometime and know if ya’ll ever received them.

IMG_5095Before heading back to Kayamandi Dan and I stopped at the Mug & Bean for a quick bite and some free Wi-Fi. Our sweet tooth got the best of us and we both ordered the smore waffle. This Belgium style waffle was loaded with chocolate, marshmallow, and ice cream. I’m sure you’ll have no problems trusting me how delicious this was.

My evening was mostly spent going through pictures from our trip for the photo albums we are putting together for the guys. I’ve also been working on creating custom name cards for each of them. I’ll explain these name cards a bit better once I finish them and can take a picture of the finished work. They are coming together, but it’s a slow process and I want them to be just right for this group.

The next few days will have Dan and I running all around Cape Town, fulfilling perks, meeting with a couple organizations we’re both interested in working with, visiting the school Dan worked at, and much much more. “So much to do, so little time,” it’s what will be playing in my head until all is finished. Wish us luck!


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