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An Encore to Our ReachingOut Trip: Day 5

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Dan and I had arranged one more special thing for the boys to do and with the IMG_5035help of HotSpots2C we’d be visiting the Cape Point Stadium. This was something we had wanted to do with the kids during our four day trip but it wasn’t possible due to closings with the stadium. The one thing these boys love is soccer and I really wanted to take them to their home stadium.

Around 8:30 Saturday morning we DSC_0344 (2)all met up for one last adventure and head into Cape Town with our group. We arrived a half hour early and used our time to take some fun pictures outside.

IMG_5022The tour was great and took us all throughout the stadium. Our group got to see everything from the VIP areas to the locker rooms and even had the chance to stand on the soccer pitch. My absolutely favorite part of our time there was filming the boys running out of the gathering rooms and into the stadium to the sounds of us cheering. You could tell they were living their dream being down there on the sidelines and I was so happy to take part in it. Once they ran out they lined up and starting singing their National Anthem. Don’t worry, we caught it all on film.

The Cape Town Stadium was built for the IMG_50242010 World Cup and played host to the semifinals. The Dutch remember it well because they were able to beat the Germans. Something I’ve heard more than a dozen times sharing living arrangements with two Dutch girls and now four Germans. The stadium can hold up to 68,000 people. In recent days they’ve been using the stadium for Cape Town’s home soccer teams and concerts. I think Rihanna will be playing there in the coming week, and there’s a long list of other big named musicians that have played there. Our guide told us that the stadium was completely paid off but I’m not sure I totally believe her. The stadium cost 4 billion rand and I’m pretty sure they haven’t been able to fill it since the 2010 World Cup.

IMG_5019After our stadium tour we went to lunch at the Waterfront. The Waterfront is a popular place along Cape Town’s harbors and offers an incredible view of Table Mountain. The place we took them to eat was Spurs. Dan and I both use to take the boys to Spurs on our previous visits because of how much the kids loved it. Not only is the food pretty good, but there is also an arcade that the kids can play at for free while they wait for the food to be prepared. The only thing we forgot to keep in mind was that all the boys are older now than on our last visits and the arcade is age restricted. Lupho and Mawande were the only ones that looked young enough to play the part.

Before heading back to Kayamandi we made oneIMG_5017 final stop at another favorite location. Boulders Beach is located in Simon’s Town, a coastal town where you’ll find penguins on the beach. We walked all along the coast spotting the penguins in their natural habitats. The boys really wanted to go swimming but it wasn’t something we had properly planned for. I also don’t think they realized how much colder the Atlantic Ocean is than the Indian Ocean they swam in last Wednesday.

IMG_5014Today was a pretty great encore to the first half of our travels and I’m sure we’ll be grouping up for a few more adventures before Dan and I have to go our separate ways. I know we are both interested in taking everyone swimming at least one more time, and we may even consider a surf session.

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