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Our Day Off Spontaneous Hike

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After our trip with the guys, Friday was supposed to be our day off. We didn’t have any big plans besides going into Stellenbosch. Even though sleeping in was available I still ended up getting up pretty early. My body had already gotten use to our tour schedule of early mornings and long days.

We grabbed a quick breakfast at Mama Zulus and headed to the trust center to first use some free Wi-Fi. My main goal was to email the video about Lupho’s day to my friend and coworker back home, Jennie. After two hours my progress bar had only moved to 5 percent and I had to give up on sending. It’s pretty difficult to send videos when internet isn’t so easy to come by. This video is also 1.7 gb so it’s going to be tough to send from anywhere.

In town we both got well overdue haircuts. The lady that cut our hair was nice but a bit IMG_4941odd. I got the feeling she’s had a very sheltered life when she asked me what townships are like in the US. I understand that we do in fact have townships in the US but not anything remotely close to the type of townships she was referring to. Oh well, she was nice enough and did a decent job cutting our hair. Hanneke and Mieke came along for the trip and seemed to really enjoy taking part in observing our haircuts. They were trying to get me to get something crazy done all while trying to convince the stylist to let them shave our beards off. They did so with no such luck. Afterwards we grabbed a bite to eat, ran a few errands, and hopped on the next mini bus to Kayamandi.

When we got home there were already a few boys at our house playing soccer. It was an alright day with sunshine fighting through the cloud filled sky. We had no plans, so we opted to climb to the top of the hill our township rested on. At first, when we asked Mawande if he could lead us he made it seem like we wouldn’t be allowed because it was the property of the neighboring wine vineyard. His biggest concern was being attacked by the guard dogs on the property. We followed him to the entrance of the farm and when we got there the first thing we saw were a few dogs. I guess he wasn’t joking when he said guard dogs! Dan and I walked ahead to make sure it was okay if we viewed the property. The man we talked to told us it’d be alright, but they’d have to remove the dogs first.

IMG_4945Hanneke, Mieke, Dan, Mawande, Khaniysa, Lupho, Onge, and I all then proceeded through the vineyard and up the hill. It’s a pretty beautiful walk through a vineyard and the views of Kayamandi and Stellenbosch were really great! We were lucky that the weather cooperated with us and only had to deal with some wind. The walk to the top took just over a half hour but the views were nice and we had a great time taking pictures with the kids.IMG_4930

On the way home we took the chance with a short cut we saw and found ourselves wading through a very large patch of tall flowers. It was actually kind of nice minus the rough weeds brushing up against my legs. The younger boys helped make a path for our Dutch friends while I hoisted Onge, the smallest of the group, high above the plants.

IMG_4921Our spontaneous adventure proved to be a fun one and had us home just in time for dinner. I could smell Mama’s mashed potatoes as we strolled into her house and knew we’d be having a great dinner! In the evening we shared pictures from our trip with the kids and a few of the other volunteers. It was a nice and relaxing day.

We had one more surprised planned for the boys on Saturday which would have us meeting up and leaving by 8:30 in the morning, so after our writings were finished we got an early night’s sleep.



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