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Champagne and Monkeys

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In the morning Dan and I went into town so we could buy supplies for our trip with the kids. We knew that Isaac would be coming to pick us up around noon and we had a few errands to take care of. We want this trip with our kids to go perfect so we’re stocking up on all the necessities. Once we had everything we needed we got a call from Isaac letting us know he was waiting for us back in Kayamandi. He was not only on time, but he was technically early! We were both shocked and thrilled to start our awesome day with the worlds best tour guide.

DSC_0464The first place we went with Isaac was the House of Champagne. J.C. Le Roux was the brand they sold and we were in store for a delicious IMG_3954tasting. While there, we tasted six different types of champagne and they were all paired with a different sweet. I never knew champagne could taste so different and so good. I don’t typically drink champagne but I highly enjoyed our tasting.

The next stop of our day was a port vineyard that went by the name of Deheim and they specialized in a port called Muratie. Port is much sweeter than other wines and we also paired this tasting with a few chocolates. Maybe it was all the tasting or maybe it was how much we liked it but we both ended up buying a bottle of our favorite red wine.

IMG_3955After our tastings we were in need for some food and made our way back to Stellenbosch where we relocated at Ginos. Ginos is the Italian restaurant I went to with the Frisbee team a couple weeks ago. It proved pretty clutch being able to devour some delicious pizza after trying a fair share of drinks.

When we were fed and satisfied and realized we still had time to go to at least one more place. Our next stop would beDSC_0496 Monkey Town and it would also be the highlight of my day! I’ve gotten to see and play with a lot of animals but until this day I hadn’t been able to hold a monkey. Monkeys are some of my favorite animals and I have wanted one for as long as I can remember. I was very hopeful that that would all change today. When we arrived at the gate there was a sign posted out DSC_0515front which read something about being able to get closer than ever before to the monkeys. We weren’t sure to interpret that as being able to hold them or just getting super close but we went in to find out. It turns out, that for next to nothing, we were able to get in the cage with the monkeys and play with them as well as feed them! I was thrilled that I’d finally be able to accomplish my goal of holding a monkey!

There were about nine monkeys in our cage, mostly consisting of squirrel monkeys. There was also a wolf monkey and a Lemur named King Julian. Actually, all the monkeys had names but most of them were too difficult to tell apart from one another. DSC_0548The monkey that spent the most time with me was Wolly and he was the wolf monkey. I couldn’t get over how awesome these little guys were. They were so light and so strong. With ease they could go where ever they wanted and had such control over their bodies. I loved every minute with my monkey friends and look forward to my next encounter. Before leaving the premise Dan was able to take a few amazing shots of the monkeys interacting with us. After this experience I now have decided that I don’t just want a monkey, but I NEED a monkey!

After our day of port and champagne tasting combined with an afternoon of monkeys we were both pretty exhausted. Isaac had really out done himself taking us to a few great places!

Several students came over in the evening and we spent the majority of thenight going through pictures and videos from 2011. It’s cool seeing how much they have grown! Maybe in another couple years I’ll find myself back here reminiscing about this epic trip that’s still to come.


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