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The Hike Before the Hike

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Last year Dan worked a month in the town of Muizenburg. It’s about an hour’s drive from Kayamandi, and our destination for Tuesday. We looked into taking a taxi but the prices were too high which left us with few options. We could take a mini bus, or the train.

About half past 9 we went down to the train station and boarded the next train to Cape Town. In order to get to Muizenburg we had to first take the train to Cape Town and that alone took about 80 minutes. When we finally got there we opted to just take a taxi the rest of the way to Steenburg. Steenburg is the town just next to Muizenburg, where Dan did his first stint of teaching.

So it’s been just over a year since Dan has been back to Steenburg and when we exitedIMG_3915 the taxi he was a bit disoriented. The taxi dropped us off on the opposite side of the tracks from what Dan had been used to and from there we made a few wrong turns. After an hours walk around Steenburg we came to realize that the school we had been looking for, The Christian David Primary School, was only about 10 minutes from where we had originally been dropped off. By the time we finally got there the students had already been dismissed. Fortunately the teachers that he knew were still around and he was able to reunite with Sandy. I’ve heard about Sandy but it was my first time meeting her. She’s a super nice teacher and I think Dan and I will be making another trip back to see her.

After visiting the school we wanted to head into Muizenburg and climb up the Muizenburg Mountain. For some reason we also decided to walk this distance which meant another hour long walk. Luckily both our walks were on flat ground and easy enough. But we still had a mountain to climb and had just hiked around Steenburg for 2 hours.

Muizenburg is located on the coast and is known for its prime surf locations. Last year Dan learned to surf here and it’s our plan to come back for a surf session before it’s time to go home. An interesting fact about the mountain that we’d be climbing was that it’s used for a lookout to check for sharks. From high up above it’s easy to see the dark shadows roaming through the water and they use a flag system to notify the surfers in case of danger. If you watched Shark Week you may remember a Magladon sighting in Muizenburg! Maybe I’d see the beast today!

IMG_3919Our hike took only an hour and was through wind and mist but when we made it to the top it was totally worth it. We walked around the top of that mountain taking in all the views for about an hour before heading down. Because of the weather there were a few rainbow sightings which looked pretty incredible from our view. IMG_3922

By the time we got down from the mountain it was almost 7 and we were craving some ice cream. Maybe we took too much time but we were exhausted and needed the break. Unfortunately we missed the last train back to Stellenbosch and needed to phone Isaac to get us back home. Thank goodness for Isaac!

IMG_3925We spent almost the entire day walking and hiking and barely made it home before falling asleep. IMG_3926IMG_3927But I think the pictures make it all worth it!


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  1. Love the different cloud formations and the vivid rainbow, and the yummy ice cream.

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