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My Final Days in England


After three very long days of travel we decided to not plan anything for Thursday. We had thrown around the idea of going to Brighton for the day but that would have required us all to wake up early and do another long commute. We were really all pretty wiped from the walked we had done over the past three days. We thought hanging out and watching the final Harry Potter movies sounded like a much better way to spend our day off anyways.

Koren’s sister, Meghan, was going to be having friends over that night which meant we had to evacuate the room which we had been crashing in. The deal was that Sean and I would stay in Meghan’s room but we were in charge of dinner. So between Harry Potter movies we went to work on a huge lasagna.

I’d say that almost everything I’ve ate while traveling has been at least a little different than the way it tastes back home. I’m sure that just has to do with the difference in where the food is coming from, how it’s prepared, and each country’s FDA laws. I’ve really started to become the kind of person that will eat anything, and usually like everything as well. There have been no issues or complaints on my end.  I’m also a firm believer in there’s no wrong way to prepare a dish, as long as you like it and eat it.

So this lasagna we made was pretty untraditional to me. We cooked up some minced lamb and added loads of veggies, herbs, and tomato sauce to it. We also added chicken broth which was something I’ve never used in my lasagna. The dish was still layered with a white creamy lasagna sauce, still topped with cheese, and still backed. I guess it was mostly just the innards that were different. It smelt great in the oven and tasted just as great when it came out.

We thought about going out to a pub for the evening and looked into playing bar trivia at places but there didn’t seem to be anywhere near by that had it going on. Instead we had some friends over for an epic game night! We played Charades, Catch Phrase, Pictionary, Taboo, and a game called Things. It was David’s birthday, one of the guys we trained with back on Monday, so we also celebrated that. If you’ve never played the game Things I suggest giving it a try. Basically one person reads a statement, ex; Things you shouldn’t throw in public. Then everyone writes down their answer, folds it up, and gives it to the person who read the statement. After reading all the answers aloud you go around the group guessing who wrote what. If you guess right you keep guessing, if you’re wrong the next person gets to guess, and if someone guesses what you wrote then you’re out. It’s a great game for a group of people and its harder than you’d think. By the second round everyone’s changing their handwriting and coming up with answers that may or may not fool everyone else.

Our original plan was to visit Harry Potter World on my last day. It’s on the way to the airport and we were going to spend the entire day there. That’s actually why we had been watching all the movies this week to lead up to it. Unfortunately when we went online to book the tickets we found out the hard way that you need a lot more than a one day’s notice. We were all pretty bummed but we decided it would just give us something to do the next time I came to visit.

Since Sean would be catching a train to Liverpool today around 3 and I’d be heading to the airport around 5 we decided to stay close and head over to a pub that had pool. It also had several other types of pool that I wasn’t familiar with. Some tables were smaller, and some games were just called something different. There were probably over 50 tables in this place. Sean and I teamed up against Koren and her brother Zach. Zach was the best of us at pool but the games ended up being relatively even. We ended up playing a best of 9 where Sean and I miraculously came out on top. To be fair I think they lost more games than we won. Meaning all they had left was the 8 ball and somehow or other botched their shot. It all worked out pretty well me Sean and I though. In the end we won but we clearly weren’t the better team haha.

After our many games of pool we had a drink and said our goodbyes to Sean. Koren, Zach, and I went back to their house and I began to pack all my belongings up. We were a bit concerned we may hit traffic on the way to the airport so we left around 5:30. The roads were mostly uncongested and I didn’t have any issues making it to my boarding gate. Since I had a couple of hours before my flight I finished a game of Catan Sean and I had started. Sean won, but more importantly… Hilary lost (Hilary is our computer foe). Once onboard I watched the movie 42, while enjoying a nice airline meal.  I didn’t sleep very well but I don’t usually while flying.

We landed in Johannesburg around 9:30 in the morning which would prove troublesome because my next flight to Cape Town was to leave at 10:10. It wasn’t even until about 10 that I finally made it through passport control and I had to run across the entire airport. I wasn’t alone though as there was half a flight of people that seemed to be in the same predicament as me. I felt bad running ahead of them when my checked bag was the first to come through the carousal but at this point it really was every man for themselves. I still had to recheck my bag, head through security check, find my boarding gate, and get on the plane in two minutes. Once I got there I noticed a long line outside my gate and it looked as if they had delayed the take off. Thank goodness! I hope everyone else made it alright!

Sorry this post doesn’t have pictures attached. Since I’ve touched down in SA it’s been hard to get proper internet. Hopefully that will get better.

I’ll write about my Saturday and Sunday and post that on Monday. Thanks for the patience!


2 thoughts on “My Final Days in England

  1. I’m glad you caught your flight and even gladder that you beat Hilary. Well done! It’s been a pleasure having you man, enjoy the rest of your trip see you soon!

  2. Thanks so much for hanging with me while in England. I really had an awesome time! I’m currently eating crackers but I have no cheese! I’m so sad haha

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