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My First English Football Game

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Sean’s brother, Jason, is a fan of Nottingham Forrest, the local team. Football, known as soccer in the states, is England’s number one sport and is quite exciting to participate in. We dressed in red and went to the game just after noon. As we waited to get our tickets, the match actually began and we could hear the crowd going wild. IMG_2541We joked that we were gonna walk in and the score would be 3-0 and we would have just missed all the excitement. Turns out, in the two minutes we had missed, the Forrest really had scored, but it was just one point and we were still hopeful for a good match. It wasn’t just a good match, but it turned out to be a great one! There was 23,000 people in attendance and almost all were in favor of the Forrest! The mascot is Robin Hood, which I thought was both awesome and very fitting. Throughout the match, I was enthralled with all the cheering and excitement that surrounded us. Our seats were just 20 rows off the pitch, so we had a fantastic view! As I was taking pictures, one of the players on the opposing team received a red card which meant he wouldn’t be involved in the rest of the match and the Forrest would have an advantage of one player for the duration of the game. This just meant that our team was going to be that much better. During this time, I filmed a bit of the play and actually caught a goal on tape! This is pretty rare considering football matches have such little scoring throughout the 90 minute duration. The final score of the match was 3-0 Nottingham, which means that they had started the season with a perfect record thus far.

The only other plans on Saturday consisted of a comedy club which was actually located at the same location of The Forum. We found the deal on Groupon the day before, and the deal got us into the show and each of us a drink. There were three comedians in total and each was from a different part of the UK. This was very apparent by their different accents. I happen to love all English accents, but there are some that are much harder to understand. One of the comedians was from Yorkshire and the best comparison I can give for her voice is Shrek. She was also a bit larger and and used her size as part of her act. Overall, I think Sean and I agreed that she was the best!

After the show we ordered some pizza and headed back to Sean’s house where we went to bed relatively early because we’d be heading to Manchester in the morning!


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