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The Adventure Begins in 7 Days!

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I’m now one week away from the start of my next adventure. I don’t think it has quite hit me yet that over the next three months, I’ll be on ten flights and visiting three continents! Not to mention that I’ll be seeing friends and students that I haven’t seen in two years. As the date of my departure gets closer, I’m definitely finding myself becoming more and more anxious.

My plan is to pack as light as possible. Thanks to the Shippensburg Ultimate team and Five Ultimate, I’ve received a generous amount of donated clothes. These clothes will just about fill up my bag with little room to spare. Throughout my trip I’ll be wearing these clothes before passing them on and leaving them with the students in Kayamandi, so don’t be surprised if you see me sporting ultimate Frisbee jerseys for the duration of my travels, haha. It’s an intimidating thing to pack for such a long trip, especially a trip that will have me bouncing back and forth between our two hemispheres. I think I picked the right time of the year to do all this, though. As summer is drawing to an end here in Pennsylvania, Spring will just be starting in South Africa. I’m hoping that, since it’ll be October by the time I make my way to Dubai and Morocco, temperatures won’t be too hot, but I’m not sure what to expect.

Don’t be fooled be her paddle… it was just for looks 🙂

My first stop is London. It looks like I’ll be meeting up with at least three friends while I’m there. I met Sean, Koren, and Ndidi in South Africa 2 years ago. Sean and Koren were actually finishing up their time in SA as Ndidi and I were just beginning ours. Like all the other volunteers I met, I knew they were awesome and, in the short time we spent together, we were certainly able to make the most of it. Ndidi and I had separate placements for our volunteering, but we ended up going on a 7 day trip together. We were also joined by Alex (Canada) and Helene (Norway), and the four of us really hit it off. I’m very excited to see these friends again, visit their homeland of England, hear those amazing accents, and create some new incredible memories.

Koren is Closest on the left and Sean is in the light blue behind me

Koren is closest on the left and Sean is in the light blue behind me


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