Reaching Out 2 The World

The End Marks a New Begining

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Today is July 23, 2013 which means the Indiegogo campaign has just ended! I think I can speak for both Dan and myself when I say how happy we are with the way things panned out. Together we raised $3,449 in just 60 days!! Although a small percent of that goes to both Indiegogo and Paypal we are still well over our mark!! We have also had numerous contributors that have sent checks or cash to us in the name of ReachingOut2TheWorld. All in all we are thrilled with the support we are receiving! Enkosi kakhulu, Thank you very much! You are all such awesome people and your support is going to go a long way!
In just three weeks I’ll be heading East and I’m very anxious to get started. I’ll be stopping over in London for a couple weeks before heading to South Africa. My time in London will give me a chance to reconnect with some past volunteers I met 2 years ago and check out their beautiful country. I’ve never been to Europe, let alone London and I’m really looking forward to checking it out. My personal budget will be limiting to say the least and I may not be able to do everything I’d like… but I’m confident I’ll make the most of it! I’m just happy to see some friends I haven’t seen in a while, and hear those awesome English accents. Cheers to that!

My plan is to continue writing throughout my entire journey. You’ll read about the good times, the rough times, the crazy times, and much more. I’m hopeful that through my writing you’ll have the opportunity to view a distant culture, learn from them, and see how greatly appreciated your support is received. The students I’ll be working with in South Africa do not yet know what’s coming their way. I hope you’re able to follow along and join us as we change the lives of so many.

This blog is not only for those that contributed, it’s for anyone interested in learning about another culture, or following along on a journey. I hope this writing targets the interests of many! I highly encourage commenting on posts, emailing me questions or thoughts, and checking out all the beautiful pictures that are in store.

Thanks again everyone! I’ll be sure to post another update before I leave!!




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