Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 16

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Today consisted of a lot of driving. We drove clear across Botswanna to the Chobe River and didn’t arrive till about 6pm. At this point in the trip we were all very friendly with each other and upon getting on the truck we all unrolled our sleeping mats and took refuge on the floor. It was pretty comfortable and after sweating to sleep the night before it felt like luxury having a cool breeze come over you as the truck drove on.  I think I read 400 pages of my book along the way and finished part 2 of the Eragon series.

Once we got to the site we set up our tents and explored the area. We were stationed right along the river and you could hear the hippos throughout the evening. Because our freezer was still broke we had another meal prepared for us and unlike the night before we sat by candle light which reduced the number of bugs by a great number. Because today was mostly traveling we didn’t have much to do today. Before going to bed a group of us played cards for a while on the truck but it was mostly just a quiet night.


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