Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 17

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We had an early wake up call for a morning game drive. The drive lasted all morning and along the way we saw all sorts of animals. One of the interesting things we saw was a lioness chasing after a warthog for a morning meal. We watched her run after him for a while and it looked like she was just playing with him. She ended up catching him pretty easily, I think it was just a matter of when she felt like eating. We also saw a jackal stealing meat from a flock of vultures which was pretty entertaining because they could have easily picked him apart but he held his ground like a boss.  We saw tons of other animals but nothing too crazy took place.

We got back to our site for a lunch break and then hung around till about 2 when we headed to another boat dock so we could board our cruiser. We spent the next three hours cruising down the Chobe River and we saw so many animals. We came across hundreds of hippos and hundreds of buffalo. We also saw our fair share of crocodiles, and antelope. Since we were in a rather large boat we were able to get very very close to the animals without having to worry too much. A few times we came across a family of hippos (who are very aggressive and territorial) and we were charged by the father of the group. It was pretty intense but mostly just amusing because we were so much bigger then he was. I think if we had been in a smaller boat he would have capsized us and probably killed us. Good thing we weren’t! So the cruise went on like this for a while spotting all sorts of animals and learning a great deal about them. This continued until the sun started to set and before long the ride turned into a sunset cruise followed by a booze cruise. All in all it was a lovely time out on the water and once we got back to land we were all very much ready for dinner, which Kelly had prepared for us!

Dinner was nice but as we were finishing up we were taken over by a massive amount of flying termites. A few of us too refuge in the truck as the number of flying termites increased. There were millions upon millions of them and it looked as if it was snowing outside. They were banging in to the windows because we had the light on and it honestly felt like we were in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. They would fly around until their wings would fall off and then they’d resort to crawling every which way. Once they were wingless they started breeding. I’ve never seen so many bugs in my life and I’d like to never have to see that many again! We turned off all the lights we could and after a while things died down… literally died down. These things have a very short lifespan! When we finally felt it was safe to leave the truck it was like walking through the woods after the leaves fell off all the trees in autumn. Only they weren’t leaves, they were wings. And if you looked closely enough most of the wings were still moving and some were still attached to the dying termite! You couldn’t even consider going to the bathroom because the lights were permanently on there, which meant more bugs than anywhere else, and if you walked around with your head lamp on it was like driving down the highway with your face as a windshield to all the oncoming crazed bugs! We were nervous about getting into our tents because we didn’t want to risk letting all the bugs in. It was a pretty gross morning after…


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