Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 15

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Around 5:30 there was an optional morning walk which I declined because of how tired I was from the day before. A handful of people went on it and said it was really great but rather hot. They walked around the small island that we were staying on for nearly an hour and along the way they came across a group of hippos! Clearly the guide wasn’t being completely truthful when he told us the place we were swimming in was hippo free haha, as well as other large animals.

Once they got back we packed everything up into the boats and proceeded back to where the truck would be waiting for us. It was mighty hot sitting in the African sun for hours on end but the umbrellas were of some help. Trips back always seem to go faster anyways. Between the boat ride and the truck drive back to the camp site we didn’t arrive till nearly noon and Richard had lunch waiting for us. As the day went on it just continued to grow hotter and it got to the point where you had to take a cold shower every hour or so if you didn’t want to melt.

A group of 5 girls paid to go on a flight that took them over the river delta and by the sounds of it they had a blast. I guess the pilot was 21 years old and it was his first time flying with a group like that before but they all made it back alive. Although they were scared to death for most of the 45 minutes in the air they still managed to capture some amazing photos of herds of elephants and hippos did their thing. No one got sick on the flight but there was a close call after some aerial stunts took place. Meanwhile back at the site the lot of us just did everything we could to stay cool.

It was around this time of our trip that our on board freezer stopped working which resulted in a very smelly, warm, ‘freezer’ box. Because of this we ended up just having a meal prepared for us at the site. The food was good, nothing too special but the highlight of the meal was these enormous bugs that were flying around seeking the light sources over head. Some were the size of bats and they often ran right into the people sitting around the table. It was gross and felt like we were being bombed from above.

Unfortunately the nighttime didn’t cool down much and we all fell asleep in temperatures close to 90 degrees. Not a very pleasant temp to fall asleep to unless you’re looking to lose some weight in your sleep.


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