Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 6

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In the morning we packed up as usual and started the long haul to Swakopmund. This is a city along the coast of Namibia that the Germans settled in long ago. Most of the structures are of a German look. This city is like no one I’ve ever been to before because you have the Atlantic Ocean on the East side of you and have desert and sand dunes on the West side of you no matter where you stand in the city. The city is small enough so you can see both at the same time in some parts. We were all really excited as we arrived into the city because we were going to be staying in a backpackers lodge! This meant we weren’t going to have to worry about tents, and we’d have beds to sleep in!! In addition we’d also have an internet connection and the ability to have meals from a restaurant; you can imagine everyone’s excitement.

We didn’t really have much time to waste though because just a couple hours after we got there we were off to the air strip so we could go skydiving over the Namibian Desert. There were 11 of us in total that were going skydiving but only 3 of us at a time could fit in the small planes with our dive masters. Because of this, we spent the afternoon hanging around the airstrip with the crazy adrenaline junkies. When I say airstrip I really ought to mention that it was just a small shack out in the center of the desert. The runway was dirt and sand with a small piece of cement where the plane would park to allow people on. You’d be surprised how time flew by as we waited though and even though I was with the last group to go, it felt like it was my time just minutes after arriving. The cost to have a film created for you was a really over priced so I decided I would just film it myself. They guy I was attached to wasn’t too fond of the idea but once he realized he wasn’t going to convince me otherwise it actually worked out really well. To be fair, he was worried that I’d drop my camera or something but I thrive in times like these and I had on to that camera as if my life depended on it. I must say, I’m rather impressed with my ability to record a smooth video as I jumped out of an airplane 10,000 feet into the air. I can also confidently tell you that it gets more amazing every time you do it!

That night we all went out to eat and had a night in the town. The town is very small and I think we made our arrival known to just about everyone that lived there, easy enough when you’re traveling around with 20 foreigners. We even picked up an additional person, who happened to be American. That night for dinner I had an Orix steak which is another type of large antelope. So far it’s my favorite steak I’ve had. The night was really great but I think they best part was returning back to the lodge with a bed waiting for you!!


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