Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 13

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Happy Thanksgiving! We woke up to leave the Bushman camp and found some scorpions living under out tent. Always got to be careful when packing up your tent in the mornings! Our destination today was the Delta River. The trip to get there was several hundred Kilometers and there wasn’t much daylight remaining by the time we got there. It was also extremely hot so most of us were just hanging out in the shade until dinner was prepared. While this was all happening a warthog wondered onto our site. We were all pretty shocked when she arrived and most of us were worried because of how ‘friendly’ she was. Warthogs are basically just large pigs with tusks and they were very dumb. Richard was telling us how sometimes when they are running away from a lion they’ll just stop randomly because they forgot why they had been running. The first thing this warthog did was walk right up to us and put her wet nose on Alison’s leg. Once we decided she was harmless we all started petting her and taking pictures with her. For the life of me I can’t think of the name we gave her but for the most part we just refered to her as Pumba. We fed her some carrots and she stuck around as long as the food was coming.

As far as our food goes, we were going to try and recreate a Thanksgiving dinner and we even found some turkeys at one of the markets we had stopped at but the problem was how to cook it. Turkeys are difficult to cook when you’re home in your own kitchen and have all the supplies you need, not exactly the same circumstances when you’re in the middle of the bush with a gas stove and a firepot. In the end I got really lucky because the alternative meal was shepard’s pie and anyone that knows me knows that shepard’s pie is one of my favorite meals to have. I’ve even been known to request it as a birthday meal. So yeah, I missed out on a traditional Thanksgiving dinner for the first time in my life and I can’t say I didn’t miss it and dream about it, and think about it every waking moment of the day haha but I still had an excellent meal. I’m also still open to anyone that wants to have a Thanksgiving feast with me once I get home!!?

We had an early night, as usual, due to the fact we’d be waking up early the following morning to take a trip up the delta river.


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