Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 12

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Back on the road, now with two less people L we were heading east to Botswana. We made one more stop before leaving Namibia to use up whatever remaining currency we had left because it was going to be useless later on in our trip. Crossing the border was quick and painless and before long we were arriving at our next destination.

Today we got to live with the Bushman Tribe! As we were setting up our tents and getting situated we were welcomed in by six members of a Bushman Tribe. None of them spoke any English so we had a translator come along. Their language is almost entirely made up of clicks and they are very difficult to decipher between. They took us on a walk through the bush and taught us loads of things about how to live off the land. They would start by physically digging up the root or the herb of what they wanted to show us and then tell us, in their language, what it was for. Afterward our translator would explain further what it was they were telling us. They had plants for healing, conception, better health, sun protection, you name it! And they could spot the smallest little things. They were wearing traditional Bushman attire which consisted of what looked like rags made out of animal skin. A couple of the women were carrying around babies with them, which were really cute, and everyone in their group had the change to teach us something different. There was a young girl with them that the translator thought was maybe 21 and she already had 3 kids! She was one of the girls that later chewed on a root to reduce the chance of another pregnancy… right. As it got later they showed us how they could make fire by rubbing sticks and once it got going one of the travelers in my group lit her cigarette. In turn every single one of the Bushmen pleaded for one and proceeded to rip off the filter before going at it. It was both comical and disturbing at the same time. It was also around this time that one of the men in the group started going around to each of them with a closed fist and sucking something out of his hand. I had no idea what it was they were doing until he opened his hand to reveal about 30 ants. They were eating the ants for the sour burst of flavor they would get from munching on them. The next cool thing they showed us was how they took baths. Water was stored in an ostrich egg, naturally… and then they would hold it up over their heads to let the water out. This was also done for drinking. Meanwhile one of them was hacking away a a root that would prove to have enough moisture to both bath and drink. After the room was pulverized they would compact it and squeeze the liquid out. Once there wasn’t any left they could then use the bits of remaining root to sponge up all the moisture that now lay on their bodies, seemed pretty genius to me. We continued on with our demonstrations until they told us there was about to be a major thunderstorm. Turns out they can read the weather just as well as the land we made it back into camp just in time. Fortunately the rain held off for dinner but as soon as we were finished the clouds opened up and unloaded on us. If I wasn’t in my tent then it would have blown away and I’m actually a bit surprised it didn’t blow away anyways. Tonight we found out that our tent leaks a little too. Luckily if we had just put on the rain cover properly that problem would have been avoided. A little rain never hurt anyone.


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