Reaching Out 2 The World

Gonna try to get caught up with these. Sorry for the lack of pictures :/


Friday was the first time in a while I’d have the ability to sleep in. Of course that’s impossible when you’re staying in a hostel of 30 plus people. There were only 6 people in my room last night but I think the whole house was in there at one point in the morning. No worries though, it was time to start getting ready for early wake ups seeing how early we’d be getting going during the trip.

I only had a few things I had to do today; get a chunk of USD, a head lamp, and food. The best location to take care of those tasks was the Water Front. Myself, and a few others headed over and rather than taking a minibus we took the 30 minute scenic walk along the coast, incredible if time permits. We went to a restaurant in the mall where we could sit out on a balcony to enjoy our food with a view of the ocean. The meal was really great; I got chicken spendini which is like chicken shish kabobs.

The next stop was an outdoors store, which are always a good time to walk around. I picked up my head light, a lantern for our tent, and a lock for our bus locker. I’ll probably use all the items I’ve packed and bought for this trip but I’m the definition of over packing. I get excited and like to be prepared, what can I say?

Acquiring American money wasn’t difficult but a tad time consuming. I guess they just have to be very official with all the paper work. Unfortunately for me I didn’t get the correct amount out so there’s a chance I’ll be doing it again in the next weeks to come.

Helene was along with us as we got all our things together and grabbed some lunch. She kept on getting phone calls from someone that required her to speak in Norwegian. Turns out she had a few friends from Norway that were passing through Cape Town on a 6 month journey around the world. We ended up meeting up with them and hearing of all the places they’d be going to. The trip sounded absolutely incredible. I seems like young adults travel a lot more from other countries then those of America. I don’t know how true that is but I’ve met so many people from Europe that are in the process of traveling the world or at least plan to do so in the next year or so.

Once everything was taken care of we headed back to the hostel where I took over a spot on the couch to get as much internet as possible before my departure in the morning. Before it got too late we did have to attend a meeting regarding our trip that was to start at 6pm. The location of the meeting was only two blocks away so we walked there with no problems. It was there we got the chance to meet and greet the rest of all the volunteers. I was so relieved to see they were all about the same age as me and looked to be pretty awesome. That didn’t however stop me from telling the rest of the volunteers at the SASTS house that I’d be touring with a group of 60 year old women who are mostly crippled. I even convinced Alex that I wasn’t going to be able to do any of the excursions because the overall say of the group determined what we’d do (for those of you that didn’t catch it.. this couldn’t be further from the truth).

Back at the house I relaxed and hung out with everyone as we waited for dinner. We ate at Tan-Que which was delicious, and to finish off the night we watched the Lion King. Figured that was a fitting way to leave everyone off as we set off through the southern parts of Africa.


2 thoughts on “Gonna try to get caught up with these. Sorry for the lack of pictures :/

  1. I expect the Lion King soundtrack to be playing on your iPod at all times.

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