Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 3

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After getting everything packed up the first thing we did was cross over into Namibia. Border control was easy enough to get through… I had to fill out a piece of paper and they did quick checks on all our passports to make sure we weren’t wanted for anything back in South Africa.

Once across the border we made our way Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world. We were camping at a site not far from the canyon so when we got there we unloaded everything and took a swim in the pool they had to offer us. The pool was actually one of the coldest pools I’ve ever been in, but it was welcomed with open arms.

Around 5 Richard took us all in the bus to a viewing site on the canyons while Kelly stayed back. We walked up and down the cliffs of the canyon until settling down to watch the sun set. An amazing location to watch the sun go down with the colors becoming alive as the sun dropped lower. I love how cool the desert becomes once the sun is not a factor. Most of the crew think of it as being rather cold actually, but I’ve been enjoying it.

Upon getting back to the camp site Kelly had a meal prepared for us. Tonight it was a spaghetti with a meat sauce. It was delicious and it wasn’t long before Richard had garlic bread prepared for us over the fire. So far the food has been incredible along the journey. With an early rise coming in the morning we were all off the bed not long after everything was cleaned up, but not before spotting some crazy looking critters roaming around the camp. At night the desert comes alive and if you listen carefully you can hear all sorts of sounds from curious animals approaching our site. We came across a very large armored cricket that was about the size of your palm and in the morning we found scorpions under a few of our tents. They had been seeking body heat through the night.


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