Reaching Out 2 The World

Day 2


We woke up at Sparky’s and headed north. The trip was long, bumpy, and a bit noisy. Along the trip I was able to sleep some and read my book. Our destination was the Namibian border but we wouldn’t be crossing over it till the following day. We stayed at a ranch owned and operated by a man named Kenny (I think) and he was also quite a character.

When we arrived the first thing we did was swim across the orange river to the Namibian border. How awesome is that?! I swam from one country to another. The river was fairly warm and surprisingly shallow. The ground below our feet was slick and mushy which was really repulsing at first but I think I grew to like it. I had the short lived idea that it would make for a good mud bath but quickly deterred from that plan when I noted how terrible it smelled on my face.

After the swim we all hung out by the fire and Richard cooked an amazing brai for us over coals from our fire. My teams job was the dish cleaning duty which was quiet a work out with all the flapping we did to dry the dishes. I think we have a real chance of turning this dishwashing stuff into a full fledge workout routine.

One of my favorite things about the past two locations has been the shower facilities. They’re warm and cozy as any shower should be, but they are usually open faced or have a large window that is opened to an incredible view. At Sparky’s the view was of his wine farm and at Kenny’s the view was of the orange river with the Namibian mountains in the background.

Before going off to bed we all sat under the stars and shared as much information as we could about our night sky. I know a decent amount about our stars in the northern hemisphere but it’s completely different being on the other side of the planet. What was really cool was that Jupiter was very easy to see and made for an awesome view. Orion and Taurus were upside down but I could still locate them.


2 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. AWESOME – “When we arrived the first thing we did was swim across the orange river to the Namibian border.”

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