Reaching Out 2 The World



I had a lot to get ready for on Thursday so I bypassed going to school. I also was still really annoyed with the teachers and didn’t really want to see them. I was confident that after school the students would come by and I was right. My morning was spent packing, sorting through things, picking some things up in Stellenbosch and finding out how to get my camera back to normal. Mostly just cleaning and packing though.

Like clockwork the students came by right as school let out. I was under the impression that I’d be getting picked up by Isaac by 5pm so was pretty anxious through most of the evening. It’s easy for you and I to see my trip as being away for three weeks before returning back to the township. I’m pretty sure the students just see me as going away. The closer and closer it got to being ‘that time’ the more and more uncomfortable things got.

In the beginning we were having a great time navigating through Google Search finding anything and everything that came to mind. Mawande also wanted me to show them the maps of Kayamandi and my home town. It’s amazing how much we take for granted how incredible the internet is, specifically Google. Just take a minute and try imagining a world where you’ve NEVER used a computer. For them to be able to think of anything and within seconds have millions of images come up was about as incredible as a miracle to them.

I also cleared out some things such as candy and small things I had laying around my room. I didn’t want to leave too much of a mess for Mama Zulu and I was glad these guys came by to see me off. We took the fun outside after this and played some soccer which got a bit rough but still a good time. This is about the time things started getting confusing. I’ll try my best to explain but I’m still a bit confused about it all.

So towards the end all the kids started getting really upset with each other. They each had their own reasons for it but they kept on fighting or just not talking. Mawande was really upset because Fudo and Atha said they were going to beat him up when I left, but then why would Fudo and Atha be so upset? I tried talking to each of them individually but Atha and Fudo have a really difficult time understanding English. Also, me talking to them resulted in all of them crying… I’ve never been more confused but I do have some thoughts on why. They are 12-13 year old boys that come from a cultural that has a lot of pride. I’m thinking they were upset that I was leaving and didn’t really know how to express how they felt besides just taking it out on each other. The sad thing about that, is that even if that hypothesis proves right… chances are Mawande will still get beat up once I leave. It really did make things difficult to say goodbye to them because they were all upset with each other, holding back tears, and not saying a word. Atha and Fudo are tough too, so the fact they were crying was a bit surprising to me. I’m definitely going to miss them during my trip and don’t even want to think about what it’s going to be like come December. Anyone looking to come to South Africa and want me to come with? I can show you really good time! Seriously though, let me know.

Isaac ended up coming by closer to 9! But at least I got to spend some time with my host family and finish talking to Patrick. He’ll be gone by the time I get back but I’m sure we’ll be in touch once we are both back in the states. Bucha is also going to be gone when I get back so I had to say my goodbyes to him too. I didn’t get in to Cape Town till about 10:30 but still better than having to take public transportation the following morning. I also think I’ll have a hard time sleeping the next few nights with so much weighing on my mind. I’m sure I’ll be fine though…


4 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. I got a little teary eyed reading about you saying goodbye to your kids. I know it’s going to be even harder to say goodbye when you leave in December, but you have to keep in mind what a huge positive impact you’re having on their lives. Hopefully spending time with you will inspire them to do more, now that they see what could be possible if they’re able to get out of their township.

  2. Awww that’s so nice the boys look up to you so much! And so true how fortunate we are with the Internet. I’ll go to Africa and visit!!!!

  3. Ah man. Goodbyes are never easy.

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