Reaching Out 2 The World


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Sunday started just as early as Saturday with several knocks at my door. I again let them in and let them play games while I continued to sleep. I eventually got out of bed for lunch and when I came back Mawande and RiRi were fast asleep in my bed under the many layers of blankets. They were so peaceful that I couldn’t wake them. I grabbed my lap top and watched a movie at the end of my bed and let them be. I’m pretty it was the first time in a while they both got to sleep in a comfortable bed with warm blankets. Also I can imagine that only sleeping two in a bed was twice as much room as they were previously used to.

A few more students came over and we hung out and played Monopoly. I played and kicked butt. That game is so easy to dominate in when you don’t teach them how them how to build houses and hotels haha. The day ended up getting really warm and I considered taking everyone back to the pool but I really wanted to play Frisbee and take the kids out for some exercise. We geared up and made our way to the minibus stop and I paid for the lot of us to be taken all the way to the fields. Again, it was totally worth it. It ended up being a lot of me playing and a lot of them watching. But they were only watching a little bit of me and a lot a bit of the movie Cars. Patrick met us at the fields and had his laptop with him and spoiled the kids with a movie in the park. One of the many once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for them. We did get them up and running and involved but the day was exceptionally hot and we were all exhausted by the end of it. The sun can be so draining. We were lucky enough to squeeze into a few of the ultimate players cars for a ride home.

I got a phone call in the evening from a number I didn’t know and I was having a hard time understanding the person on the other end. I kind of figured it was one of my students but I stuck with it and learned that it was actually one of the parents of one of my students. Aphiwe’s mom had called me and was wondering if she could meet me on Monday, so we arranged to meet after school. I had an early evening after that.


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