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Thursday was again the last day of the week I’d be spending at the school because on Friday I was planning on heading into Cape Town so I could extend my visa. I came equipped with a lot of supplies today though and was able to give every single kid in the 6th grade a new pencil (thanks to Shelby). They were all very thankful of their pencils and shared the sharpeners throughout the rest of the day. Of course several teachers also asked me for supplies and things I had no intention of giving them. I’m really getting tired of the teachers expecting things for them every time I bring something in for the students. I have some pencil cases that I’ve been using to house some crayons, pens, and colored pencils and a teacher saw me using it. I think her exact words were, “Chris, I need that”. She didn’t even ask she just told me that she’d be needing it. I had intending on leaving everything behind for them but I’m starting to have second thoughts on it. I’m really not a fan of giving to people that ask/beg.

During lunch/break on Thursday I took a walk around the school and took several pictures to give you an idea of how and where the kids eat. I’ll tell you right now it’s not very pleasant and in no way would pass in the states. They were literally eating in a classroom that only had two walls. The other two walls were in pieces on the floor. I’m not sure how this building was destroyed but it probably could have been cleaned up so the kids didn’t hang out on it.

Afterschool on Thursday the usual group came back with me and played some Monopoly. I’ve never seen the game played so much in one week! I still don’t think they are playing the correct way but they are starting to at least understand the idea of it now and there is less fighting, or at least when there is fighting it’s because someone was caught cheating. I’ve helped out a few times and they now know they can buy houses and what that does for them, but I don’t think they’d be able to do it without me assisting.

I didn’t end up going into town today and we watched some more Dragon Ball Z. The majority of the kids stayed till 8pm but several of them left at one point and came back. Of course the two that didn’t leave and stayed the entire time were the two I wish had gone home… Oh well. Mirell was hosting a going away party because she would be leaving this weekend. There were several other volunteers over hanging out and sharing their stories. I ended up getting into a pretty big argument with a German girl who was very very opinionated but never once suspected that she could be wrong. I came into this country with little information and with the understanding that I knew nothing. I think she came in thinking she knew everything and still feels as if she knows everything. She was basically trying to put her Western style of living and thinking on the life styles of the Blacks in South Africa. Funny thing was that she was completely hypocritical throughout her entire argument and several other people caught on to it. I guess it was more of a discussion we had but I felt as if I was in defense of all of Kayamandi while she ignorantly said what she had to say. Patrick and I had a good laugh afterwards especially when she gave me her number so we could hang out again. People like her annoy me more than anything. She tried to make me feel bad for giving things to the kids because she felt that they were all lazy and only made it through life living off what other people gave them. She told me that to them I’ll only ever be some white guy that used to give them stuff. I found this a bit amusing because everyone in the township now knows me as Chris (not some random white guy) meanwhile I didn’t realize until she tried to give me her number that I in fact had no idea what her name was. To me, and I’m sure many others, she will forever be remembered as some dumb white German girl. Guess what her name in my phone is?!?!


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  1. Do the kids realize that Monopoly is a DREADED game in the US?? 😉

    PS – Do you hang out with your host family anymore?

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