Reaching Out 2 The World


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I woke up Friday with a lot to do. I had to go to Cape Town, Extend my visa, pick up a package, visit the SASTS office, and buy a sleeping bag. The morning started off with a solid rain and I couldn’t have been happier to have received the umbrella Shelby sent me. When I got to the train station I had no intention of sitting squished in 3rd class with a bunch of wet people. So I spent the 70 cents and upgraded to first class. It was much different but at least I had some space to dry out. Thankfully there were no delays and I made it into Cape Town faster than ever before. The whole morning moved pretty fast. After grabbing a bite to eat I headed to the post office to pick up the package my sister had sent me. It didn’t take too much time and from there I went right to the SASTS office. In order to extend my visa I needed a few things; proof of address, proof of return home, proof of money, my passport, and R425. While I was at the office I created a document to show proof of address and had another woman in the office sign it as Mama Zulu. Not really too concerned about that… I also had to print out a bank statement and the flight confirmation for my way home. Not too many problems here except for the fact I only had R360 on me and I needed a bit more. The ATM I went to told me that the transaction couldn’t be made which worried me because I needed the money and was concerned something could be wrong with my account. Turns out everything was ok and I just needed to use a different machine (haven’t had anything stolen yet). From the office my next stop was the Home Affairs to make the extension. I was told in the past that this could be a while and I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When I arrived they gave me a ticket that read number 3131 with an estimated wait time of 478 minutes. When I sat down I saw on the monitor they were now serving number 5335 and I really thought that I may be there forever. Luckily there was a different guy that was reading the numbers that referenced what I needed and when I get there they were seeing number 3101 and I only had to wait about 45 minutes before it was my turn. Few complications at the counter and I’m no stamped and able to legally stay longer. All in all, I left Kayamandi this morning at 9:04 and arrived in Cape Town at 10:30. I didn’t make it back to the hostel till 2:30 pm though. I got a lot done but it took bit of work.

As soon as I got back to the hostel I opened up the package and was pleasantly surprised to find candy, cookies, pictures and more!!!! The very next thing I did was to walk to the 7/11 and purchase a liter of milk. I spend the late afternoon loading pictures, and eating cookies and milk. Not a lot of better ways to spend an afternoon on a rainy day. We all went out to dinner in the evening and it was delicious. I ordered nachos and chicken with extra cheese and chicken! To top things off for the day I ended up being able to borrow a sleeping back from one of the other volunteers and Isaac was picking me up to take me back to Kayamandi.

Isaac came around 930 and the first thing we did was go to get the car washed… at 930 at night! I told him how strange it seemed to me how often people washed their cars here. I told him that in the past year I’ve probably washed my car twice and he burst into laughing. I know I don’t wash my car very much and there are a lot of people in the states that wash theirs’ more… but here, the average person washes their car at least once a week and Isaac washes his at least twice! It cost about R80 to get your car cleaned but they do a great job and clean it inside and out. The process took almost about a half hour but it still beat trying to take the train home the following morning with my package, and sleeping bag.

When we finally got back to Kayamandi I hung out with Patrick a bit before heading off to bed for what was to be an extremely long and exhausting Saturday.


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