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Wonderful Day

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Possibly the best day of the week, and let me tell you why. I didn’t make anyone cry at school today and the students were relatively well behaved. I even think I taught them a few things today! I actually learned some new important Xhosa as well. Hlala phantsi which is pronounced shala-pon-zee and means sit down, is proving to be one of the most effective terms I’ve learned. Combine that with Tula and the kids are quiet and in their seats.

In addition to a great day at school I also had a date with some awesome people back home via Google video chat. Ten students came home with me and were playing Monopoly (think about it) while I set things up on my computer. After some difficulties we got it working and my students were connected to Kaitlyn, Amanda, Pat, Tom and a young man that I don’t recall his name (thanks for the snowcat though). It was a good time, a bit rambunctious on my end at times, but a good time nonetheless. We talked, sang, and shared stories for a good while.

I actually talked with them till 10 past 5 and I had Frisbee practice starting at 5. So Avela, Mawande, and myself geared up and booked it to the minibuses. I paid him off to take us all the way to the fields and let me tell you, it was totally worth it! We actually got there in time and didn’t miss anything and I proceeded to have the best night yet as far as ultimate goes. I was hand blocking and hucking like it was my job. After a night of ultimate we went back to my place to find RiRi waiting for us. They wanted to watch Kung Fu Panda and I wanted to eat dinner so I put it on for them while I ate and then came back to finish watching it. Great movie no matter how many times I see it in one week haha


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