Reaching Out 2 The World

The Day After

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A couple interesting things happened today. Both of which were pretty sad. So in school today after one of the breaks I noticed Mawande was crying in the back of the classroom. He’s one of the smallest in the classroom and he tends to get picked on a lot, even though everyone likes him. I guess he had got hit in the nose by one of the bigger kids (who doesn’t cry when they get hit in the nose). I didn’t really have a problem with him getting hit and crying because more than likely it was an accident and didn’t hurt as bad as he was playing it off to be. I did have a problem with a couple of the other kids laughing at him because he was crying. That’s one thing I don’t understand about kids. I know I did it when I was younger too, but it just doesn’t make sense looking back at it. They are all friends, best friends, but yet they hurt each other and make each other feel like shit all the time. Come to think of it I guess I know some people that still do this to this day. Anyways, I mentioned to them to knock off the laughing and that I didn’t like it. This resulted in RiRi fighting Ski because he was laughing, then Aphiwe starting helping Ski. This meant there were two kids up against the one kid that was actually fighting for the “right” reason. I reached over the table and grabbed Aphiwe by the back of the pants to get him off RiRi and low and behold, his pants ripped right down the middle. I felt terrible but of course it was funny at first. Once the rest of the class caught wind of what happened they all flooded to the back of the classroom and proceeded to laugh excessively. Oh My Gosh! This was the initial reason this all started in the first place! To make things worse Aphiwe went from thinking it was funny to thinking it was the worst thing ever and started crying. I cleared everyone out and he wrapped his sweater around his waist and went to the bathroom. Within minutes his pants were back in the classroom and several of the kids I had just scolded for laughing for hemming his pants. How many 11 year olds do know that carry a needle and thread on them? Not long after they were fixed things were back to normal and Aphiwe was no longer the center of unwanted attention. He also no longer had the fear of God in him that his mother was going to beat him (as he waited patiently in the bathroom other students told/drew me pictures of the paddle/weapon that would be used on Aphiwe it he went home with ripped trousers). Screw me, right? I of course would have bought him new pants but he insisted that it was ok. I guess if he came home with new pants his mom would find out what happened. There isn’t one kid in class that isn’t already wearing clothes that have been ripped and hemmed several times already. This event brought us to the end of the day and afterwards things were pretty normal as we all went back to my house.

An hour or so after getting home a younger boy (one of the ones that came over late the night before) came over, most likely looking for more Halloween candy. Actually I was in Patrick’s flat making a sandwich and when I turned around this kid was standing right behind me. I brought him over to my flat were the kids were watching more Dragon Ball Z and I sat him on a plastic chair, he was smelling a bit. None of the other kids knew who he was but they were still accepting of him because he was a ‘friend’ of mine. You have to understand, this little boy smelled like he had pooped himself and his clothes were absolutely filthy. He was also only maybe 4 years old so he spoke no English. I was worried about him and brought my host sister over so she could talk Xhosa to him. When Lelethu came over to talk to him and I motioned for him to come meet us at the door I discovered that my nose knows best and I was more right then I wish I was. The proof of the matter was on the chair which I quickly removed from my bedroom. I was thinking maybe I should just throw him into the shower but I was worried Mama Zulu wouldn’t be happy if I started using her shower for people besides myself. I’m not exactly sure what Lelethu said to him but she sent him home to get changed. I decided that if he came back and was wearing the same clothes then I would hose him down and take care of him (this got me to thinking though, I don’t have any clothes that would fit him… and I really wish I had stocked up on some at the thrift store before departing). He never did end up coming 😦 I felt so bad for him. He’s from a very poor section of the township and doesn’t seem to have anyone taking care of him. He’s around 3 or 4 years old and doesn’t clean or know how to clean himself.

Tuesday evening was spent chatting with friends and planning yet another video chat session for Wednesday!!


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