Reaching Out 2 The World


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I woke up and knew today was going to be a good day. It was Halloween and after school I was going to video chat with John and Joe. Halloween isn’t something that’s too celebrated here in Africa and Kayamandi is a bit behind the times as it is. So only a couple of my students had actually heard of Halloween before but even they thought it was only something in movies. So gave a small lesson on Halloween and explained how kids go door to door dressed in costumes asking for candy? It sounded about as strange to them as it did to me as I was explaining it. I gave some examples of what kids costumes may be on this night and we talked about how kids have contests to see who can get the most candy. By the end of the night most kids have stomach aches from eating too much candy. I also had a load of supplies I was going to give to the students for a Halloween Treat. Thanks the Shelby for the pencils and sharpeners, the kids loved them and I no longer am being asked every minute of the day, “Will you borrow me your sharpener?” Thanks to my dad I also had Halloween erasers which meant I could bribe the students to behave for the rest of the day in order to earn those. The day went pretty well but things got out of control at the end of the day so I didn’t end up giving out the Halloween erasers… you gotta stay true to your word.

After school we all headed back to my place and I set things up so my kids could meet Joe and John. It was so much fun as we talked and everyone got to know each other. The kids are always so interested as to what our American names mean, because to them every name has a meaning. So when Joe and John didn’t have an answer to their question, they decided to give them meanings of their own. Joe now has the name of Baby Kangaroo, and John is now called Toilet. That’s 12 year olds for ya… we talked for a while and it was great catching up with them, also planning on doing it again sometime.

After the chat Patrick and I headed into town, I wanted to buy some candy for all the kids. We also bought some other groceries as we found a really nice grocery store today! Finally a place with options! When we got home there were 8 kids waiting for me on my door step and they knew just what to say, “Trick or Treat!” I was very proud of them for remembering and obliged with bags full of candy! I put on an episode of Dragon Ball Z and we chilled out on candy. Once I had to go for dinner I sent them on their way but only time find a few new kids at my door once I finished. I treated these two like typical Trick or Treaters and gave them candy and sent them on their way.

I ended the night watching the movie, Green Lantern. An interesting movie which was a nice choice for the day, all in all the start to a great week!


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