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Wednesday With RiRi and Ski

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Rain sounds SO much louder when your house has a tin roof! I thought I was in the middle of a hurricane when I woke up in the morning but when I finally got out of bed and looked outside it was barely drizzling.

Today at school I brought a Tastykake with me to lunch to share with some of my students. The day before I had worked with them a bit, on the map of the United States, so they were all pretty familiar with Philadelphia’s location. Today was all about teaching about the amazingness Philly has to offer. They all loved the Tastykake and I certainly enjoyed the portion I had as well. I’ve taking a few videos of what the kids have been eating while at school. It’s never pleasant but at least it’s something.

Afterschool a group of kids came home with me and I gave them the socks my dad had sent me upon request. They were very excited over the socks and I let them each pick out their own pair. Afterwards I was planning on taking RiRi and Ski to Frisbee with me because they missed out on Sunday’s fun. Before heading up to the fields we spent some time at the Mug and Bean for some internet and a light dinner. I had them promise not to tell the other kids because I knew everyone would want to come with me the next time. While there they saw the sugar on the table and asked if they could have one. I didn’t see why not so I let them. Not longer after that we left and I later learned they took the rest of the sugar on the table. I would’ve done the same thing at their age. Actually I can specifically remember times when I did..

Next we headed to the fields but where we normally play there were some guys playing rugby. This isn’t that unusual and I didn’t think anything of it. All the other ultimate guys were OOing and Awing over these guys though. Turns out they’re like a famous rugby team with like the most famous coach or something like that. I told them I would ask them to leave if they wanted me too (as a joke) and they all made it clear that I could NEVER do that to them. We ended up playing right next to them and it was a great time, besides the fact I got a ridiculous amount of blisters. Maybe I should have asked my dad to send ME socks. Frisbee was so much fun and the kids have perfected their ability to take video of themselves and use up my memory card and battery all in one day.


One thought on “Wednesday With RiRi and Ski

  1. I love the fact that kids never change when it comes to stealing sugar! I actually stole sugar cubes from the White House when I was about 7 years old (I’m still waiting for the Secret Service to knock on my door)!

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