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How Can It Be Monday Already?

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How can it be Monday already? Previously on Friday, the 6th graders had a day’s worth of testing. It was a pretty big deal and they had been building up to it with preparation. I’m mentioning this to set you for the lack of education that followed suit come Monday. I think the teachers were about as exhausted as the students and they made it clear they didn’t want to be there. The day was very laid back and Pam had me type up a term 4 examination she had written up. I’m not sure whose laptop I used but it was fairly nice and I soon learned it most certainly was not Pams. I’m not an astoundingly fast typist by any typical American standards… but over here, it mine as well be an addition to my super hero qualities. I wasn’t too surprised to see kids gathering our as my fingers flew across the key board (when I made errors I just kept on rolling, no time to stop when you have an audience) but I was a little surprised at the fascination brought on by the teachers. The exam was pretty lengthy and trying to get it to match up with the way Pam had hand written it took me the duration of my ‘lunch’ break. I guess Pam had noticed I hadn’t eaten the scone she gave me and told me I should take a break. I was 90% finished with the paper but I took her up on the break. She sat down and told me she would work on typing it. Her first question was equivalent to, “What does the enter key do?”  Her second question was how to save it and I quickly saw the need for that right away. When I asked her if she’d like me to save it to the desktop I soon found out she had no idea what a desktop was. I did so anyways just so that she’d be able to find it again in the future. It’s possible she finished typing up the exam but I didn’t stick around to find out. I ate my lunch and then wondered back over to 6e. There was a few assignments they were copying from the board and I rewarded them with fresh erasers, my dad had sent  me, if they completed them. At least this motivated a few of them to do something.

My original plan was to head to Stellenbosch after school but when a dozen kids followed me home with the intent to finish watching the second half of Monsters vs Aliens my plans suddenly changed. What was interesting about today’s afterschool activities was that half of the kids were from my class and half were closer to the ages of Bucha, making them closer to 3. The kids also showed up in cycles. Directly after school let out a few of them went home to change or pick up their younger siblings. After the movie ended a few more arrived and a few left for whatever reasons. At one point there was easily over 20 kids ages 2-13 on the property or taking over my flat. It was a good time though and they successfully used up my entire memory card once again.


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