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Funday Sunday

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It wasn’t long before Avela was back as the Sunday morning sun came up I got knock at my door. Like I’ve said a hundred times before, I can’t say no to these kids haha. I let him work for a bit on my computer and then I took him into town with me to run some errands. We went to the coffee shop for brunch then the grocery store so I could stock up on goods for the week. On the mini bus ride home we saw several other kids playing around Kayamandi which made keeping our little trip a secret next to impossible. The other kids basically beat us back to my house and were waiting for us when we arrived.

I introduced the game of Monopoly to them and with Patrick’s help we had a game underway. Give any kid money, fake or not, and you’ll make some happy campers. The first half of a Monopoly game is fairly simple. You buy everything you land on and pay up when you have to. Once you get to the part of the game that involves trading and building houses and mortgaging things get a little tricky. Luckily I taught them the most important thing about Monopoly part way into their game. That was that a Monopoly game never finishes and we weren’t going to try. I had them all total up their money and we declared a winner based off of who had the most. This wasn’t remotely fair since I caught a few of them stealing out of the bank but no one really paid much attention to who won. The only way you can win in Monopoly is to cheat once and a while anyways.

Once we had everyone together we geared up to head into town. When I say geared up I mean I had everyone outfitted in Scapegoat attire. They looked awesome but I couldn’t have used some safety pins to help hold up their shorts. All in all it was 6 kids, myself, and Patrick who all went on the trip. We took the minibus into town but had about a two mile walk to the fields after getting off. Kwanele led the troops as he had made the trip with me two weeks before. As soon as we got to the fields I unloaded the duffle bag of Frisbees, footballs, soccer balls, and tennis balls galore. We played soccer for a while before converting to Frisbee. I think a couple of the kids had an equal amount of fun just running around taking pictures or posing in the extra large uniforms they had on.

Around 4pm the rest of the Stellenbosch team showed up and we started playing a game of pick up. At first the boys hung out on the side as they watched the studied the game but a few points into it I had a couple of them subbing in and out. I wish I had more video and pictures of them playing but at that point I had no control over where my camera was and I think my battery was running low anyways. I can assure you that I ran those kids into the ground and that I finally succeeded in draining them of their energy! After we finished playing we still hand the long walk home ahead of us. I didn’t want to ask anyone on the team to give all 8 of us a ride home so we started our trek back. Once we got to the main part of town we headed to Steers for some ice cream. Days are just that much better when you can end them with ice cream.


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  1. Bumper Sticker – Days are just that much better when you can end them with ice cream.

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