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Monday Monday Monday

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So Monday morning was an early one. Myself, Alex and Ndidi were all heading to school to be there before 8am. When we got there we were met with a surprise assembly. I had no idea what was going on but every kid in the school was standing out on the black top. One of the teachers led them in song and prayer and they gave seemed to declare a “king” and “queen” for the 6th and 7th graders. I’m not sure if kids voted on this or how the kids were chosen but everyone was pretty excited about it.

Once we were back in the classrooms it didn’t take long for Alex and Ndidi to view the typical classroom activities. The morning started out with a few fights and a lot of chaos. The difference between today and some of the other days was that today was dreadfully hot. The attention span of the kids was running on fumes and we ended up taking the class outside for a lesson. Once outside it was cooler but also a lot more difficult to get anything across to them. Other classrooms were noisy and kids were soon everywhere. Not to worry though because this was an ideal time for Alex and Ndidi to meet some of my students. The rest of the day was basically just playing and if it wasn’t so bloody hot it would have been perfect.

After the school day a number of the students wanted to take us around the township. They’ve been really good at helping me give my visitors a friendly tour. Along the way we picked up a few of the younger siblings from their preschools and made a stop at a corner store to buy freeze pops. I’ve come to love the township and I finally think I’d be able to find my way around successfully.

Once we got back to my place we hung out for a little but I wanted to take Alex and Ndidi into town before it got too late. I showed them where I normally go during the week and we bought some groceries for the weeks lunches.I picked up a fan too because I know it won’t be long before the nights are unbearable.

When we got back to Kayamandi one of the boys was waiting for me. Lupo had come over Sunday and was back again today with the hopes of reading with me. I’m never going to turn down a child that wants to read so we borrowed Mawande’s book and read a portion of it. 20 minutes later we were interrupted by about 7 other kids that also wanted to read and hang out. So Alex, Ndidi, and I read with them and helped on them on the computer until Mama Zulu came to let us know it was time to eat. They were behaving so well that I made the difficult decision to let them stay back in my room while the rest of us went for dinner. I must say, the whole time I was eating I was anticipating something terrible happening but fortunately it was an uneventful dinner. I should have also mentioned that a new volunteer arrived today to be staying at Mama Zulus for 6 weeks. His name is Patrick and he is from Texas but he travels quite a bit with work. He’ll be living in the flat across from mine and he seems like a nice guy. After eating I rushed back to my room with everything how it should be. I was relieved to say the least. After the boys left we watched a movie on Patrick’s lap top, he has the mother load of movies, and we watched the movie, 7 pounds. It was a an awesome movie btw if anyone hasn’t seen it yet.


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