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Wed Nes Day

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Wednesdays are always great. The morning started off with the old mean teacher having the class. Notice I didn’t say anything about teaching the class… I actually took a video of it because it was so amusing. He’s the one they children fear more than anything else I’ve ever seen. In the video he has is back to the class and is writing the definition of tuberculosis and the symptoms that come with it. The class was dead silent just copying everything he wrote. In the background you can hear how noisy the rest of the surrounding classrooms are. After he finished writing he turned towards the door, said something that ended in Chris, and then left the classroom. Everything he does is slow, no rush what so ever. Of course as soon as he left the students stopped pretending to be copying down what was on the board. I couldn’t tell you what they were supposed to do for the rest of the class time because I really had no idea. I didn’t really have a chance to come up with anything either as there was a few students stabbing each other with pencils in the back. Like I said before, I’ve gotten over the fist fighting but I’m not ok with weapons. Luckily this class listens pretty well to me and I didn’t get stabbed haha. I did get a tattoo today though haha… at least their version of one. They would rip pictures out of a magazine, wet it, stick it to their arms and apply a lot of pressure and friction. Kind of similar to a stick on tattoo I guess. I got the word ‘Life’ tattooed on my forearm. Only problem was that it read backwards… Meanwhile a couple students were trying to braid my arm hair. I think it’ll be quite trendy if they can manage.

I saw a science lesson today and it actually had some positive qualities to it. Every student in the class got a picture of an animal with facts of that animal on the back. They were supposed to read the facts and then answer trivia questions the teacher asked. I don’t know how much they actually learned because it was mostly all guessing, but the lesson had the right idea. On the plus side I learned a lot about snails. Did you know snails are hermaphrodites?

Oh so another thing about teaching English to South Africans is that I’m teaching real English, not American English. You may be surprised at all the differences. One of the big things is that at the end of a sentence they have a ‘full stop’ NOT a ‘period’.  A ‘period’ to them means only one thing… and it has nothing to do with punctuating. English people also spell things a lot different than we do in America. This is really unfair to me as I have a hard enough time spelling things the way I was taught in America, now I have to remember that color and flavor is actually spelled colour and flavour. I’ve also seen the word ‘bungee’ spelled like 5 different ways now and I have no idea how to spell it.

On the way home from school my man Mawande found me another puppy. I just need to talk Papa Zulu into letting us keep it haha. The guys all knew that I was playing Frisbee today and they told me they wanted to come and watch. I wasn’t really sure how this was going to work out because I play till it gets dark and then get a ride home, and I really didn’t want to have to walk all the way back with them. So I’m at the café and getting ready to head to the fields when I see Kwanele hang outside the shop. I was actually really surprised he was there, not so much that he was barefoot and had walked all the way from Kayamandi, but surprised that he was there right when he said he’d be. We weren’t really sure if any more of them were coming but we didn’t have much time to wait. So we walked all the way to fields and a spent some time throwing around with him. We had a big turn out today so we ended up splitting up into two games and Kwanele joined my team. He did amazing and was a huge asset to my team. We played till it got dark and Hendri gave us a ride home. Hendri’s the guy in charge for Frisbee and he’s been awesome to me. I really appreciate all the driving he’s done for me!


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  1. Hi Sully,
    Thanks for teaching me more about snails. I hope swimming went well this weekend and I cant wait to read about it. Have fun

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