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My Weekend of Recovery


Saturday was a day of rest. I slept in a bit and took the morning slow. Around noon I headed outside to write some postcards. I was created by a couple students and we hung out for a few hours. We tried going to the public pool, which I was really curious to see but it ended up being closed. We ended up coming back to my place where I let them draw and color. I also introduced them to the rubics cube. It’s always good fun to watch people struggle with that. Of course I try my best to make it look like the simplest of tasks when they hand it over to me. I’ll teach it to them in due time but it’ll be a challenge that will take some time. It was nice spending time with my buddies after being away for a week. I showed them pictures of everything I did on my trip. Their reactions were priceless.

My day basically consisted of relaxing and writing postcards. I went into Stellenbosch for an hour or so but really didn’t do much. I took a shower in the evening and the cold water is finally working.  I can at last take a shower without scolding my body!

I almost forgot! I was in the family waiting for dinner to be ready when Mama Zulu called me in. I guess Papa Zulu was at a meeting and wasn’t going to be joining me for dinner. When I got to my place setting there was something deep fried on my plate. I thought it might be a pot pie of some sort given its shape, but the moment I cut in I realized right away that it was fish. Anyone that knows me well knows that I don’t like fish. I don’t like the taste, the texture, the smell… nothing. I did however come to Africa with an open mind and I don’t want to turn anything down without trying it. I also didn’t really know how to go about telling Mama Zulu that I didn’t want it. With my dislike of fish comes my unfamiliarity with fish. I know it sounds stupid… but I didn’t know how to eat it. Of course this would be the day Papa Zulu isn’t there for dinner too. Now, as I’ve made clear, I’m not a fish eater back home but I’m pretty sure when they serve it it’s not supposed to have all the little bones in it. Every bite I took I was pulling bones out of my mouth. I’m sorry if that’s graphic for you BUT I had to live it! I ate about half of it before sneaking into the kitchen to throw the other half out. Mama Zulu, if you somehow acquire a computer, get internet, find my blog site, and read this… I’m sorry. I found out afterwards that I was eating a fish called Hake. Doesn’t make much of a difference to me… but at least I now know not to order it by accident on a menu. She asked me what kind of fish I normally eat back in the states. In a roundabout way I told her that I don’t really eat fish but I mentioned I eat tuna fish. Next meal she serves fish ought to be interesting.


Another day I hadn’t made too many plans for. I really was just looking to recuperate after the trip. Isaac had said that if time permitted he would pick me up and we’d go to a few vineyards with friends. He’s been talking about this place that brews brandy for a while and claims it life changing. While waiting to hear back from him I got a visit from another volunteer who’s living in the township. Mirelle is originally from the Netherlands but lives in Germany. She’s volunteering in the township working with helping adults find jobs. It’s the kind of work she was looking to do but I don’t envy it at all. We went into town to do some food shopping (I think we are both in the situation where we have to supply our own food if we’re looking for a suitable lunch).

After shopping I found out Isaac wasn’t going to be picking us up so I texted Hendri about pick up Frisbee. He ended up picking me about a half hour later and we played pick up for a few hours. It was great to be out and about but it was hot. We decided early on that we rather just play barefoot then wear cleats because of the heat and I’m regretting it now. My feet hurt so bad, and I think my body worked completely different muscles just by being barefoot.

When I got home I showered and had dinner with Papa Zulu. Things were well but he was a little down because the Springboks lost to Australia and are out of the world cup. I could kind of relate because my dad had called me and told me how the Phillies didn’t do so well either. I really thought the Phillies would do amazing (ever since I left for Africa they started playing poorly… I think they knew something was off).

Later that evening we got visitors from some organization that was in charge of conducting South Africa’s very first census. Interestingly enough they wanted to question me more than the family. The guy told me that he had some private questions that he wanted to ask me and that he didn’t want Mama Zulu to be present. He said my secrets would be his secrets. That’s not really how my secrets work and that guy was kinda creeping me out but he told me he would come back Monday evening to talk to me. I couldn’t only understand a fraction of what he was saying, but I think I agreed to whatever he said. I finished off my night watching the movie Super Bad. It was super good and I had forgotten a lot of it. I went to bed excited to start school again on Monday.


2 thoughts on “My Weekend of Recovery

  1. those are some BRIGHT shorts 😉

  2. It’s Euro style and the alternative was a speedo… 🙂

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