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Last day of the Garden Route


The last day of the tour was relatively laid back. It was going to be the most driving but also the most scenic driving. We were on our way home which was going to be about 5 hours. Halfway there we stopped at a natural hot spring and went swimming for a few hours. This was a prime vacation spot for a lot of families who were still on their holiday break. I met a lot of local people and it was nice talking to them and hearing about life styles outside of the Cape Town area.

The only other stop we made was a Ronnies Sex Shop. This place used to be titled Ronnies Shop until a couple of drunk guys painted the word Sex after his name. It actually couldn’t have been better for business thought because it became a famous stop. The thing to do here is to stop there for a drink and sign the wall. If you’re a girl and you want you can leave behind a signed bra or something but you don’t have to. The walls are covered with business cards and signatures. It was a really interesting place and they had a pet Dalmatian! I made sure to sign my name a couple times and even signed for the Ship Scapegoats. REPRESENT!

The rest of the drive home was uneventful. I slept for some of it and when I woke up we were traveling through some amazing mountains. At one point we were about to go through a tunnel and Isaac mentioned he was going to turn off the air conditioner because of the fumes inside the tunnel. I was expecting some dinky tunnel because of where we were. I was so wrong though. The tunnel ended up being an impressive 5 minute drive. I’m not sure the distance but it was huge, and it was nicer than any tunnel I’ve been in while in the states!

The trip ended today but the memories will long live. To sum up the experience I got to go on two safaris, pet cheetahs, lions, and tigers. I had an hour long encounter with three elephants; I rode an ostrich, and ate lunch with monkeys. Those were just a few of the animal experiences I had. As far as extreme things go, I went sky diving in what’s recognized as the second most beautiful place in the world to go sky diving. I did the world’s highest bungee jump, and paraglided up and down the cost of South Africa. I also did some zip lining over three waterfalls and a flowing river, hiked half a mile into the depths of a cave, and canoed down a river! When we were doing extreme activities or playing with animals, we relaxed on the gorgeous beaches South Africa has to offer, received professional massages for next to nothing, ate meals at some incredibly scenic locations, and stayed overnight at some amazing accommodations. Isaac was once again an awesome guide and a great friend! I can’t wait till my next journey.


4 thoughts on “Last day of the Garden Route

  1. And to think all of that and it’s still early October!

  2. Best Vacation Ever.

  3. I hope you took a picture of that Dalmatian for me!

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