Reaching Out 2 The World

WWND (What Would Nick Do). They’ll be making the bracelets soon enough.


Tuesday was our fourth day and we woke up and took a hike through Tsitisikamma national park. The hike took us along the coast and through the forests. We saw waterfalls, waves crashing into the cliffs, walked across a suspension bridge that took us right over the crashing water. The morning rainfalls that we’ve had have really increased the water flow of all the small rivers and waterfalls in the surrounding area! After our hike we took a trip to Jeffrey’s Bay.

Jeffrey’s Bay is a world renowned surf location where people come from all over to compete in surf competitions. When we arrived we got lunch at a restaurant called Kitchen Windows. It’s named this because the original building had a kitchen that overlooked the ocean where the owner’s kids would surf. Eventually they built the restaurant in the same location and made the whole dining area available to the same view the window used to have. You can imagine it’s a pretty amazing view. I had a nice juicy stake with some mashed potatoes. Finally an American meal! We had the option to go surfing today but we decided we rather visit a lion park and play with some cubs. I think we made the right choice too. The park we went to actually was full of giraffes and zebras and tons of antelopes. We did a self driving tour around the park and the whole time I was thinking how crazy it wouldbe if Nick and I took one of our cars through the park. There’s not a doubt in my mind that we would have rode a giraffe or zebra before the day was over. The lions of course were the best part. There were soooo many cats here. In one area we actually drove around with the lionesses. They were so big but so cute. When we got to the lions it was really cool. They all look exactly like the lion for Narnia! The best part was still to come though because I got to play with lion cubs! For R60 ($7) I was able to play with three lion cubs and they are the cutest things. It’s interesting because they are still a bit dangerous but they are so damn cute that it’s really easy to forget. I got scratched by a lion and couldn’t be happier about it while my friend got bit by a lion and I must say I was bit jealous. I really didn’t want to leave and I was more than willing to pay more money to continue playing with them but it was time to go and I’ll be able to play with them again in a couple days.

Our lodge for the night is located on the beach in Jeffrey’s Bay. We have a 270 degree of the beach and Indian Ocean. The place is really impressive and we spent the rest of the evening hanging out on the beach. I taught some of the girls how to throw the Frisbee around and it was a really great time running around on the beach. The sand is very soft here and the Indian Ocean is a lot warmer then the Atlantic.


2 thoughts on “WWND (What Would Nick Do). They’ll be making the bracelets soon enough.

  1. $7 – not fair, not one bit. I can’t even put into words how jealous I am. What does their fur feel like? I LOVE their big paws. ASLAN!!

  2. We definitely would have ridden a giraffe, that would be great. We’ll have to do that later in life when we get rich. Also, we’ll get a pet lion cause that sounds awesome, They’re so cute.

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