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Today I Flew


Day two was a nice and relaxing day. In the evening we arrived at our lodge and went out to eat. While our food was being prepared we got full body massages. It was a perfect way to end the night. All we did during the day was zip line across three waterfalls, and bungee jump at the world’s highest bungee. Wait what?

I guess our day was more exciting than just a relaxing evening. We woke up to a light rain and had to change our itinerary around. Today was all about incorporating activities that would be better with some rain. So our first stop was bungee jumping! I was a bit worried at first that it might not be as good in the rain but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The whole experience was incredible. The bridge we jump from rises 216 meters above the ground and while you wait your turn to jump they are cranking pump up music all around. It basically turned into a dance party under this bridge while we all avoided thinking about what we were about to do. When it’s finally your turn to jump they get you all strapped up and walk you to the edge and count down from 5. You literally have no choice but to jump, and if you don’t jump you get pushed! I had no intentions of being pushed and I actually asked them not to because I was really looking forward to jumping. I loved it! It was seriously the most incredible feeling and I am going to do this again and again. What was cool was that you are falling at the same speed as the rain drops so you can actually see each and every drop. The experience came with a video and a whole bunch of pictures they took so it’s very well documented 🙂 The feeling before during and afterwards is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. The place is called Face Your Adrenaline, and it was a very fitting name.

The next stop was a zip lining adventure. This excursion consisted of 8 zip lines that zigzagged across a flowing river loaded with waterfalls. There were three main waterfalls and our guide taught us how to slow the brakes down on the trip so we could stop ourselves just feet over the rushing water. Early on we figured the best way to capture the pictures was to give your camera to the person in front of you so they could get pictures of you coming in. I got really lucky going first because I gave my camera to the guide. With his experience he could take trips down the line holding on with one hand while the other took pictures and videos with my camera. I was sure to give him a good tip at the end and it was well deserved. He went out of his way to take some awesome pictures.

After the day of jumping and zip lining we were ready for a relaxing evening. We go really lucky because the lodge next door to us was an accommodation with a restaurant and spa. What was cool about his place was that you had the option to choose three different treatments for your hour. You could also get the typical Swedish massage and all the other types but I was interested in trying the hot stones. I paired that up with a head massage and neck and back to make for an ultimate experience. It’s amazing how cheap the massages are here compared to back home.

Once the massages were over, we ate at the restaurant while we waited our turns, we headed back to our lodge to hang out. The places we stay at are super cool and are all very unique. This place was a self catering lodge so it had some awesome facilities that were all available to us. We played some card games to end the night and we all had a bunch of games to bring to the table that the rest of us hadn’t heard of before.


3 thoughts on “Today I Flew

  1. After reading about your awesome experiences all I have to say is….Please come back alive….I don’t think South Africa has the safety regulation we have in the States!

  2. That picture of you bungee jumping is definitely worth 1,000 words. Can’t wait to see the video.

  3. I’ll be back alive soon enough with loads of stories and videos…if your hearts can handle them haha

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