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Biggest Rush Ever


Today was another extreme day. We woke up early in Jeffrey’s Bay and started the morning off right with McDonalds for breakfast, my absolute favorite way to start any morningJ. Our destination was Plattensburg Bay where Helene and I were booked to sky dive!

I don’t know how else to describe this then by absolutely amazing. We arrived at the runway a bit late so that got us strapped up right when we got there. The plane we were in was just big enough for the pilot, two jumpers, and the two expert jumpers. The whole time we were flying up to our 10,000 foot mark my guide was pointing out all the different land features. The location we jumped from is ranked number 2 in the world for sky diving… only second to Hawaii. In the distance you could see the bridge we bungee jumped from and it looked so tiny to what we were about to do. The best part was rising up above the clouds. They look just like cotton candy and I couldn’t wait to jump through them! Along the way he also told me all sorts of information that I tried my best to remember but he told me lastly to just forget everything he had just told me and jump. When that door of the plane opened and I stepped up to the opening it was so unreal. He said something but I didn’t catch it all I know was we were jumping out of the plane doing a flip through the air. The next 34 seconds was pure free fall and we reached a speed of 211 km/h. Once the shoot opened it was just like paragliding, which was awesome because I got another chance to experience that thrill in a new location. The difference between the two was that I had just jumped out of a plane and I was going to be landing on the beach. Yup the white sandy beach in Plattensburg Bay. And not a private beach… a public beach that had loads of people enjoying their morning in the sun. I felt like a celebrity as we came in because everyone watched us. Luckily we had a clean landing and made us look like real professionals. I can’t wait to do that again! I got a DVD of the dive and loads of pictures.

If that wasn’t good enough for a day it got so much better. The next stop was an elephant sanctuary where we learned about elephants and walked around the woods with them… leading them trunk in hand! I got to feed them and touch them and all sorts of things and I think I’ll be able to ride them tomorrow. After spending an hour or so with the elephants we went next door to Monkey Land. This place was so cool. There were over 400 free roaming monkeys inside this natural habitat that we were welcomed to walk throughout. I got so close to so many monkeys! We were asked to not touch or feed them because they were trying to teach them to act more like real monkeys rather than as pets. It was still one of my favorite places though being so close to them and watching them interact. The way the move through the trees is incredible and it’s crazy how similar their mannerisms are to humans. We spent more the=an an hour doing a guided door through the habitat learning all about the monkeys and we even got to be there when they were being fed. I basically used up the rest of my camera storage on videos of the monkeys. I wanted to show you guys how amazingly cute they all are and how close they would come to us. If I hadn’t been asked to not touch them I think I would have stolen one.

We had a long scenic drive along the coast to Oudtshoorn where we’ll be spending a night or two. The accommodation for tonight is very nice and I may have internet for tomorrow?! But tomorrow is going to be a good time regardless because we are exploring caves, visiting an ostrich farm, and playing with more cubs!!!!!

The blogs are considerably shorter because of how exhausted I am at the end of each night. I think the pictures will make up for any lack of detail though. Feel free to ask any questions you may have or if anything I said just doesn’t make sense. There is a great chance that I’m just writing nonsense and I’m far too tired to go back and proofread anything I’ve written. Hope everyone is well.


4 thoughts on “Biggest Rush Ever

  1. You are doing such fantastic things!! I’m so excited that you are getting this incredible experience. Enjoy every minute…although that doesn’t seem to be a problem 🙂

  2. It was an incredible trip and we got to do everything we wanted! I had Isaac as a tour guide again who has become a great friend of mine.

  3. How long did the descent take?

  4. I think it was a 34 second free fall and then I’m not sure after that. He had complete control over the chute and it was more like paragliding. So he let me fly for a bit and we just chilled up there.

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