Reaching Out 2 The World

From Sea Level to Sea View

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Day three was a beautiful day and a time to go back and complete the day two itinerary. The first thing we did was a canoe tour. We split up so that I was placed with the least experienced swimmer and paddler in order to help balance everyone out. I actually enjoyed because I just gave her my camera and put her in charge of photography while I paddled away. Ended up being a pretty good work out too haha. The journey was really nice though, and we paddled down the winding steam. Unfortunately we had to paddle back up steam once we reached our destination.

After a morning of canoeing we headed up a mountain where we went paragliding! This is also one of my new favorite experiences J. I let the girls all go before me and I ended up working out really well for me. Going last meant my guy was in no rush and my flight lasted about twice as long as everyone else’s. While we were soaring around I convinced him that it would be a good idea to let me fly and he made a lesson out of it. No extra cost or anything, just a guy that was passionate about what he loved. I think at some point in my life I’ll be sure to get my flying license. You can imagine how incredible the views were as we flew right over the Indian Ocean!

We ate a late lunch at a very scenic location were the waves crashed into the cliffs. I doubt the pictures we do any of this justice but I tried. When we got back to the lodge I passed out and took a nap till dinner. Isaac had a braai waiting for us so we all enjoyed a nice cookout to finish off the evening. Still lots to do and see this week!!


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