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German Invasion


Nina and Tatjana were on their way to visit me for a day in Kayamandi. They wanted me to meet them at the train station so I could help them find their way. Lucky for me that meant I could sleep a bit longer. The train ended up being an hour late so while I waited I practiced my Xhosa and I think I have a few phrases down. As we walked to the school I tried to make it very clear to them just how crazy things were going to be. To make things even more hectic today marked the end of their term and they have a holiday break starting this weekend. Any teacher will tell you that the day before a break, or even the days leading up to a break are out of control. The last place kids want to be is at their desks.

For most of the day the teachers completed grades while the students did whatever they wanted. One of the teachers that knew we were coming in organized a bunch of the girls to put on a dance for us. That was pretty neat and of course I got videos. So we all hung out and the kids asked lots of questions about Germany and everyone shared their languages. We went out of the classroom to join up with everyone else and played some soccer with the kids. At one point Nina and Tatjana sat down and were instantly flocked by 15 little girls who wanted to touch and play with their hair. It’s very different than anything they’ve ever played with.

After school they took us around to a few of their homes and showed Nina and Tatjana where they lived. It was an awesome day at school and I’m glad someone came to experience it with me. Nina and Tatjana both are doing their projects closer to Cape Town in an orphanage, so their experience is much different than mine. Unfortunately Nina goes back to Germany in a week so we had to say our goodbyes today because of the trip I’m leaving on this weekend. Of course we couldn’t leave without one more trip to Steers J. I’m sure we will be in touch and I do plan on visiting Tatjana at the orphanage at some point.


2 thoughts on “German Invasion

  1. Hi Chris,
    We have been reading your blogs – following your adventures and day-to-day school activities. What an incredible experience and journey you are having! We received your postcard – thank you for thinking of us (loved the picture of the Giraffes since they are one of my favorite). Just know that you are making a positive impact with the children you have come in contact with.
    We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers,
    Arlene and Tom

  2. Hey,
    So glad you got the card. Hope all is well back home and thanks for following along! I’ll be sure to tell you more about my trip when I get home 🙂

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