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Tuesday’s Water Shortage

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Tuesday started as any other day. When I got to the classroom I brought my stuff to the back of the room where I’ve now stationed myself. This is also a bonus because it puts me further from the door making it easier for me and less noticeable for me to stay in one room all day. The students were taking a test when I arrived so I just walked around observing for a bit. I saw out of the corner of my eye that a young man was wearing bright red socks. The socks had a heart on them with the Canadian Maple leaf in the center. I recognized them right away because they were MY socks! Yesterday when I had some of the kids over after they showed me around I brought them in to pick out a few things. The socks had been given to me by another volunteer who was from Canada. I had planned to give the socks to someone eventually but as of yesterday they weren’t supposed to be an option hahaha. I really didn’t care and in fact found the whole thing really amusing. I think it’s pretty funny that he snuck them out of my room only to wear them to school the next day. But that just goes to show how much they kids are in need of basic things like socks.

I remembered my little pocket dictionary for today so the rest of the day was practicing key phrases, and new words. It’s going to be a lot easier not having to rely on just them speaking it to me. I am noticing that a lot of their translations differ from the book. Not long after noon a male teacher came into the classroom and announced something to everyone in Xhosa. All the kids cheered after this and I was completely confused. Mawaunde told me that they were leaving school early because there was no water. I’m not sure if he meant the water wasn’t clean, or that there was actually no water. On the school’s property there is one water line that everyone gets water from. I doubt they have any policies that check for the cleanliness of the water so having no water at all would be the more accurate guess. Since we got out of school earlier that meant they were going to be able to show me all over the parts of Kayamandi that had yet to show me.

On the way there was a lot more to see then I anticipated and I regret bringing my bag along. They showed me snake valley, a few more of their homes I hadn’t seen yet, a little bit of the newer divisions, and where the high school was. There’s also a pool they pointed out to me, across the main road closer to Stellenbosch, that they all want me to come use so they can show me how good they are at swimming. I told them the next weekend I’m around I’ll join them. During the long walk we passed some bushes that they ate the fruit off of but I wasn’t too keen on trying it. I’m sure it wasn’t poisonous because they had clearly eaten it before and been ok but I didn’t want to test it.

After they left, I headed to Stellenbosch to get some internet time but not before getting a much needed hair cut. I walked around Stellenbosch and found a place that advertised unisex haircuts. Generally when I get my hair cut I never know what to tell the hair dresser when she asks me what I’d like done. For one, I don’t really care… I just want it shorter and I trust their opinion and two, I never know how to explain what exactly I want. Today was an even greater degree of difficutly though becaue the woman only spoke Afrikaans. Overall I was satisfied with the hair cut and it only cost me R80, which is a heck of a lot cheaper than in the states. I’m also pretty sure I’m the only one in the area that tips because they are always surprised when I leave one.

When Isaac picked me up we went back to that pizza place and ordered a ton of food. Two things from the main course each hahah. I wanted leftovers for this week’s lunch and I don’t think he understood what he was ordering. We joined up with his tour group afterwards for drinks at the Cubano. It’s actually really interesting meeting new people every week that come from all over the world, but for similar reasons. It’s also nice that the ratio is almost always 8:1 in girls to guys. This night was no exception. Two girls were from Norway, four girls from Germany, one girl from Holland, and one guy from Germany. I think a few of them will be coming along with me at the end of November when I do a tour of Namibia! The night was pretty fun and we each practiced each other’s languages. All of them are at least bilingual and some can speak 3 or 4 languages. They have such an advantage though picking up English as a second language though. American culture influences so much of the world. Most of the movies, tv shows, and music they watch and listen to is all in English. It’s easy for me to tell you the last time I watched a Norwegian film because I never have… Im not sure I’ve ever watched a film in its entirety in a different language. Oh well haha. Hope everyone back home is doing well. Take care!


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