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Climb Up Table Mountain Edition 2

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I can just let the pictures do the talking for this day 🙂

Well Saturday was everything I thought it’d be and more. We woke up and had an early start at climbing Table Mountain from the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden’s side. This route would prove to be much different than last week’s climb. The eastern side of the mountain is very lush and full of plants and trees and SHADE. That part was amazing, plus there were numerous waterfalls along the way. Only problem was it was twice as long and the ascent took about 4 hours! The climb was incredible though and I liked it better, I also got a lot of really great pictures. To make matters more difficult we also had to be at the top by a certain time if we wanted to abseil down, so we had to limit our breaks. We finally made it to the abseiling and were received by a welcoming staff. Exhausted but not wanting to miss out on the incredible opportunity we geared up for the repel down. The distance was going to be 112 meters which was the largest cliff for abseiling but is more notably recognized these days as just being the largest in South Africa. It was really cool and I tried to get some good pictures and videos while coming down but it was a bit difficult because I had to keep hold of the ropes as well. Once I got to the bottom I waited for some of the others to finish and I wasn’t actually able to stand far enough back to get a picture of the full descent. I was able to get some videos though! After the abseil down we had to climb BACK up to the top so we could get our belongings and take the cable car all the way down. We were so beat and tired after this but most of all hungry. My body is not permitting me to do anything else today.


One thought on “Climb Up Table Mountain Edition 2

  1. Really want to go there and take pictures. Looks awesome!

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