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I woke up to take the train back to Cape Town. It was a bit shady walking down the back alleys to the station but I made it. I bought a third class seat because it was the cheapest and the 3 girls I was meeting up with bought first class. When the train arrived we all boarded in the exact same care and sat next to each other. At no point did anyone even come by or check our tickets… On the ride there were many stops and at times it was very crowded. At point I looked out the window behind me and there were zebras! There were also many ostrich and cows but it was my first time seeing zebras. I had a much easier time getting back to the hostel from the station today and the trip was less than 2 hours and only R12 for the whole distance.

When ate a quick lunch and walked the distance back to town, along the coast, so we could catch a ferry to Robbins Island. This island dates way back and has so much history on it. It’s most notably the location that held Nelson Mandela for 18 years before sending him to a different prison. The boat ride was just under 30 minutes and the waters were a bit rough… luckily the lunch stayed down though. The tour was broken up into two bits. The first part was a walking tour of the prison and the second was a bus tour of the island. Our walking tour was presented to us by an ex-prisoner. He spent 10 years inside this high security prison because he was black and disagreed with the government. It was so interesting hearing his stories and learning about the place from such a perspective. The prison was segregated into blacks, colors, and Asians. Notice there weren’t any whites in there because it wasn’t a prison for whites. At prison they mixed criminal and political prisoners with the idea of breaking the moral of the political prisoners. In turn, the political prisoners politicized and educated the criminals. The history is actually a bit overwhelming and one of those things you need to experience yourself. The bus tour was a little more touristy. Robbin Island is really big, and there is a lot more than just a prison on it. There is actually an entire town in the island as well as a golf course and two landing strips for planes. The town is just home to the families of the staff that run the museums and the people that work within the town but it’s nice. By nice I mean a place I would NEVER want to live but it was nice to visit. Could you imagine every time you wanted to go to a real town or city you had to take a 30 minute boat ride over choppy waters? I think I’d have to permanently modify one of those barf bags into a necklace. One awesome thing about the island is that it has a great view of Cape Town with Table Mountain in the background!

That mini trip took just about 4 hours and by the time we returned and the girls did some shopping it was just about time to get ready for dinner. It was Meghan’s last night here and she hadn’t been to Marcos African Place yet so we had reservations lined up for that. Tonight for dinner I ate Impala. I figured it was suitable since I drove a Chevy Impala around for a few years. It tasted much better then it drove. So far I’d have to say it’s my favorite game meat. It’s basically just like steak.

We finished off the night going to a few bars and what not to help send Meghan off the right way. Tomorrow will be a day of hiking and repelling… hopefully.


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  1. Beautiful scenery picture. I hope you are doing well.

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