Reaching Out 2 The World



Tuesday morning I woke up with an idea. Since so many of my students like Dragon Ball Z stuff so much maybe I can convince the teacher to let me work with them on making a comic book. I figured I could teach them the basics of a story line; the intro, the rising action, the climax, the falling action, and the conclusion. I was even thinking it would be awesome to create something that they could each have because books are very limited to them, especially books of interest. I brought the idea up to the teacher later and she wanted me to start right away with the whole class. I told her I think I’d feel more comfortable working with a smaller group at first and then seeing how that went. I also told her I wanted to get supplies at the store before I introduced the idea to them.

I bounced around classrooms for the rest of the day. I’m not too familiar with some of the other classrooms yet so the kids pretty much just stare at me the whole time. Actually, some of them just try to find reasons to touch me. White people and black people have very different hair, and white people generally have hair on their arms and legs, usually a lot more than a black person (btw, it’s actually not considered a racial slur to call people by their skin colors here… it just is what it is). Most of the students find the hair on my arm to be really strange, and rightfully so. Imagine meeting someone from a race you weren’t familiar with and they just had hair on a part of their body that people in your race just didn’t grow hair. In this same classroom on the back of one of the chairs read, “F@#k. Money in da Bank” and there was a picture to go along with it. It wasn’t scribbled our or anything, and this is a 6th grade classroom! Imagine having something like that just hanging around in a classroom for all to see.

On Monday I saw some students sitting outside their classroom. Keep in mind the outside is literally outside. I thought they may have been having class out there because it was such a nice day. I found the real reason out today. There was a student in the class that was misbehaving. He was causing all sorts of problems and wasn’t improving at all. So the teacher sent him to the principal’s office. The principal gave him a letter he was to bring home to his parents right then, but rather than going home he circled back around his classroom. He started hurling rocks through the windows at his class and teachers. If that wasn’t bad enough he acquired some more ‘throwing material’ from a sewage line that ran behind the classrooms. Yes, he was throwing all that and more into the classroom. The teacher called the police from his cell phone and the boy ran away when he caught wind of that. That’s about the time the class was moved out to the front of the classroom. When the police arrived they went to the boy’s house to try and intercept him. On the way there they saw him walking and took off after him on foot. When he saw the police he continued to run and actually got away, but not before the police fired shots into the air. Can you believe they fired off their guns?!? At an 11 year old! He hasn’t been back in school and I’m not sure he’ll be back anytime soon. Poor kid.

After school I went back into Stellenbosch and bought over R200 ran of school supplies for our comic book. That got me tons of paper, crayons, colored pencils, magazines with comics in them, a comic book, and a few other supplies. It actually didn’t all fit in my backpack which is unfortunate because they charge you extra if you need a bag. After searching for awhile I wasn’t able to find anything on DBZ but I did try a few places.

I waited in the coffee shop until Isaac picked me up and we went out to eat. We were supposed to go with a few volunteers from Germany, the ones he drove home on Sunday, but they weren’t ready. We went out of Stellenbosch and had dinner at a wine vineyard. It ended up being very fancy and equivalent to a 4-5 star restaurant. I had some fillet mignon, and other various foods I didn’t recognize with wine, and my meal still only cost me $25. After dinner we met up with everyone, including the tour of 11 people Isaac was taking around, for drinks at the Cubano. There were so many people from all over the world but I was the only American. This meant that everyone had to speak English. Not just for my sake but because it was the only language we all had in common. I think it’s so amusing that they think I speak so well. They are amazed at how ‘perfect’ I can speak. If only they knew. After this Isaac gave me and everyone a ride home. When I got into the van Cavanaugh Park was playing, by Something Corporate. I had given Isaac a USB full of my music after my tour and he now plays it for all his tours. The world will like good music soon enough!


5 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Um. I hope you speak perfect English in comparison to everyone else…

  2. PS – The story book idea is really creative and perfect for those kids. Maybe I can stop by our local Plant/Comic book store and see if he has anything. Yes, it is a store that sells only plants/comic books and has a crazy, smelly old man that owns it.

  3. I refuse to buy Hannah Montana paraphernalia.

  4. Really? i just bought a Hannah Montana helmet for myself, i couldn’t pass it up, only $2. Hannah’s great, I totally agree with the little south africans

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