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So today I got to sleep in a bit which was much needed after my first week in Kayamandi. I got a nice break today though climbing the 1,084 meters to the top of Table Mountain. Word on the street is that Table Mountain may be voted in as one of the new natural Wonders of the World, and after today I completely agree. Now, I’m still a noob to the world of traveling but everything about this climb was incredible. It wasn’t the least bit easy either. The trip up took just about two hours and it was basically equivalent to two hours on a big boy stair stepper. My legs are going to be so sore. We spent a lot of time once we got to the top because the summit is enormous. It’s broken up into parts and it took us over an our just to walk around the perimeter of the one side. The picture on the left shows Lions Head, That first mountain I climbed which I thought was a difficult climb. As you can see, it’s quite a bit smaller then Table Mountain. In the distance you can also see Robbin Island which is the location of the prison that held Nelson Mandela for 27 years! The City you can see is the City Bowl of Cape Town and the reason it’s called City Bowl is pretty self explanatory. If you draw a straight line to Robbins Island and cross over that mountain ridge you’ll find Sea Point, the location of the STASTS Hostel. To the right of that ridge you may be able to make out the infamous stadium they up-righted for South Africa’s World Cup. It cost R10 today to get from the hostel the base of Table Mountain, that’s a heck of deal. The best part of climbing was that you can see so far in every direction. I hiked to the other side of the Table Mountain and had completely different views. From there I was able to view our entire three day Cape Peninsula Tour. I know it’s hard to see from these pictures but the large body of water on the left is False Bay, and the small body of water on the right is Hout Bay. Hout bay is were we saw all those seals the first day. The large chunk of land in between the two bodies of water is the actually the Cape Point Peninsula. It was a beautiful clear day so we were able to actually see the Cape Point which was pretty amazing. It was just so awesome being able to view everything from this perspective. I was planning on abseiling down but I spent too much time walking around the top and they had packed up all their gear by the time I talked to them. Fortunately, there is a cable car, that is fairly inexpensive that, I can take next time just so I can try out the abseiling (which is repelling down the side of the cliffs). I also saw someone paragliding which looked really awesome, annnddd I talked to a few guys I saw rock climbing and they gave me their information so I could join their club. So I’ll be conquering Table Mountain about as many ways as I can. We ended up taking the cable car down because we had a dinner reservation we had to be home in time for (and we’re lazy). But dinner was pretty exciting because we went to Marco’s Afrikan Place which specializes in African cuisine. I got the Serengeti Platter which consisted of Crocodile tail, Springbok, and Warthog!! I wasn’t in love with any of it but I’d say the Springbok was my favorite. They were all comparable to other foods though. The Crocodile tasted a bit fishy which a hint of chicken. The Springbok was more of a steak or beef, and the Warthog was very similar to pork. Needless to say I ate it all and I’m very satisfied with my choices. I think next week we’ll be going out to another place that serves interesting food so I’ll be sure to get something completely new. We went out for a bit afterwards to meet and hang out with the 6 or so new volunteers that showed up today. One girl is actually from Philly so it was nice to hear from her. Jeremy is from Canada but he’s traveled to 47 countries! He’s gone through 3 passports in nine years! Maybe one day I’ll have something comparable… haha. Not sure what tomorrow will bring, I may or may not be heading back to Kayamandi. From what I understand it’s not the safest trip to do over the weekend so I might way till Monday morning. I’ll post the rest of the pictures from today’s hike on facebook sometime this week, maybe tomorrow. No sunset… but still some incredible views. Take care everyone šŸ™‚


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