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I Can Be Your Hero, Baby!


My first half of Friday was very frustrating. I made it to school today and no one knew which class to go to. I think I went to four classes before I found the right one. Once I got there I helped the teacher stable works sheets together. She made the packets and I stapled. We did this for about 100 packets and handed them out to the students. As we continued making more packets a few students came up to us because their packets may have been out of order or a page was missing. Turns out that page three of our four page packet wasn’t double sided on 50% of the packets we had just created. So the teacher had me remove all the staples we had just put in by hand so we could fix the mistake. I just bit my tongue and continued. I’m going to try and take a copy of the packet so you can see the kinds of activities they are working on. Anyway, after the packet ordeal I went to my third wedding. For this one I just sat in the back, ate my lunch, and gave my camera to one of the students who wasn’t a part of the ceremony. This little boy took over 200 photos and at least 10 minutes of video, all in about 30 minutes. I know I didn’t have the continuous snap shot option turned on but it certainly looks like it judging from the pictures. There was another fight today in one of my classes. Everyday there are punches thrown, but when I say fight I mean fight. This one was easier to break up and there was another teacher that actually got involved. Of course she hit the students who were fighting… sound counterproductive to you? I had an epiphany on the way to school today. In a town of 50,000 people, I’m sort of like a super hero. I stand out and I’m immediately trusted by everyone, I’m admired by the youth, and I’m the only crime fighter in town. All I need is a sidecar (forget the sidekick), a super power, and a secret identity. Let me know if you have any ideas for a sweet super hero name. The rest of the school day was more unproductive than usual. I blame the fact it was Friday. In my last class I glanced over at four girls who were up to no good. They had just sucked, like a straw, the ink out of the blue pens they had. If that sounds ridiculous, it’s because it is! I was shocked and I turned to the teacher and stated very slowly and carefully, “That can’t be good for them.” She smiled at me and responded, “They do that kind of stuff all the time.” That doesn’t make it any healthier… This all happened during English class while the learners were taking a test. From an outsider it could have easily been mistaken for recess though. Some students actually took the test! While others did whatever the heck they wanted to. I did get some sweet DBZ drawings though. At one point I did go out into the school yard to see if I could find any of the kids that had told me they were out using the “toilet” (they don’t say bathroom). As soon as I stepped outside I caught a little boy walking up behind girls and placing a broken piece of a mirror on the ground so that he could look up their skirts. He saw me, and I shook my head disapprovingly. He winked at me and ran away. One of the teachers told me she lived in Cape Town and would be able to give me a ride after school. I rushed home to get my stuff and rushed back to the school. She took me to Cape Town but it was the furthest part away from where I needed to be. I had to take two buses and do a lot of walking before I finally made it to Sea Point. The whole trip took 3 hours and cost me R15. I think I’ll take the train next time. It was great seeing the other volunteers again! We went out for dinner and spent the night hanging out and telling about our placements. I also figured out that my Facebook blog settings were restricted so only Americans could view it. Now, people all over the world can like Volunteering in South Africa haha.


3 thoughts on “I Can Be Your Hero, Baby!

  1. I think you should wear a cape while walking the countryside of South Africa!

  2. I was trying really hard to think of a cool superhero name for you, but then the mirror to see up the skirt trick threw me off. i’ll have to keep thinking…

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